Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lady Reality Check

I'm an unintentional air hustler aka I listen to peoples conversation unintentionally. When I'm in the waiting room and there is no sound on the television, or in the nail salon solo trying to relax and there's two females next to me loud as can be, or when I'm shopping and hear someone complain about how "fat" they are I will most likely hear it and be paying attention.

I was sitting getting a pedicure and this one lady said "Maybe I need to change things, I feel as if I'm not worthy of him " Now ladies this sparks my posting for today. I used to feel that way, like I'm "not good enough" or "not worthy" of a certain man because he wasn't biting the hook I threw out. She then went on to say that she texts or calls and at times he responds and at other times he doesn't. Going into detail with her friend she said " What can I do to make him want me?" Ahhhhhh  I hear that a lot especially form MY friends!

Here's one thing I know for sure, you can't make a man WANT you. A man either does or doesn't it's so simple ladies and it's not rocket science. You can't trick a man into loving you, bombard him into wanting you and so on. If he is interested trust me you will know.  If you have to ask yourself  questions like "am I good enough?" or contemplating on what to change then the answers are NO and STOP IT! Now hear me out on why. You're doubting yourself, you have already put yourself down and at a level that no one wants. You have defeated yourself and are trying to change YOU to try and complete someone else.  No real man wants a push over a woman who isn't about a damn thing and most importantly someone who is weak and interchangeable.

If that man you look at doesn't want you or give back stop looking at yourself in the mirror and blaming what you see. Instead realize it's just because you aren't the type or one for him. Now I know most of you think you are the type for everyone and sorry to pop that bubble but you're not. So if he doesn't text back, or call, want to hang or anything else on a romantic level that's fine. Keep working on you until God gives you that guy who wants to do all those things. When you stop looking, chasing or pushing however you want to call it GOOD men will pop up! Trust me I'm there now ;).

 If you come across those guys who just want to have sex while you're in the mist of finding that "love" stop being upset about it! You're sexy and have a VAGINA! Men are going to want to have sex with you! Take that compliment add some more swag to those hips and keep it moving. I have to admit this was my problem I hated being looked at and knowing that guys want to have sex and not a real relationship. Until I realized that being desired shouldn't be upsetting or frowned upon, I look good, I'm smart, I'm motivated and have this desire to do nothing but great and I will allowing nothing or no one to stand in my way. I am strong and I am proud. So ladies if that guy just wants to hit it, know you're one bad motha fuck* and stay happy.

Lastly think about this ladies, are you ready for that good man to come into your life? Can you say you want what he has to offer and what he's willing to do for you? Most importantly are YOU willing to give up the single life? I have a friend who called a good man "gay" for being caring and wanting to know how she is, she  mocks him for being what a man is supposed to be he opens doors, pulls chairs and pays for things etc. She pushed him away and now says "no one wants me" and I look at her like she's crazy and walk away. Will you let a man take care of you? Pay for you? Open those doors and pull out those chairs? Text you and seeing how you are today? Let him be emotional and tell you how he feels for you? It's easy to say YES but MOST of you laugh at that and call them "thirsty" or "lame" or like my girl says "gay". Think about it.

To keep it short,  are you good enough? YES ALWAYS for that one who is WORTHY of YOU (same goes for men). Should you change for that other person? ONLY if that change will benefit you and not just them example: bad anger work on it for YOU and him etc don't change tastes in music or hobbies because that other person hates them that's apart of what makes you, YOU. He just wants to have sex he's a dog! NOT in all cases, he's a man and you have a magical box of awesomeness in between those legs. And lastly  a man will go for what he wants and will blatantly showcase what he doesn't want.