Friday, January 17, 2014

I Probably Wont Respond If....

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have opened a portal for people to try and holla at ya! I get a lot of requests via Facebook, thanks to Instagrams direct pic messages I receive some interesting things also the random @ tweets via twitter a majority of the time  I will not respond to certain people.

 I finally decided to check out my Facebook inbox. So here we go! For starters, I'm not a mother so calling me "ma" or "mama" will just make me give an eye roll and close the message. If you want to try and sweet talk me by calling me "baby girl"  it wont work. Then the one I always get that makes me laugh  "HEY SEXI! GUH YOU LOOK DAMN FINE!" When I get messages that are horribly misspelled and in caps like you're yelling at me, I just go ahead and delete it and will probably unfriend you. Why? I'M A WRITER! So receiving something that is horribly misspelled because it "looks cool" makes my IQ drop a few points just by reading the message.  I also love the messages when I don't reply and get the "I'm a ho" and so on, ladies I know you feel me on those responses lol. I have a question, if I were a ho as you claim wouldn't I talk back to your ignorance instead of ignore the foul illiterate conversation you are determined to have? Just wondering......

THE THIRST IS REAL! Not just on the behalf of some men but also for women! I've seen text messages, comments and also messages via social networking that my guy friends show me and it's just horrible! It makes me laugh to see people really trying THAT hard to get a number or a response. The audacity that some people have even when that person is married or committed  makes my stomach turn. But hey! You know what they say a new age relationship consists of  " A couple, an ex who keeps trying to talk to you, a best friend who wants it to fail, and a groupie that's also one step behind".

 If your name is "Big Swagger" who works at "in the streetz" and went to school at "Hard knocks" I'm sure when I see you message me it won't be opened. I'm not snobby or cocky I'm just confident in myself as a woman and I know my worth and what I deserve. Like most women who just laugh at those messages we receive it's not to be a "bitch" or to be rude it's out of pure amusement to us that some people actually think that works on all women. To some girls who are easy yes that works and you can spot those girls out a mile away! The ones  who can't spell in statuses because they think it's cute and the ones who are half naked and have the side chick tag lines on every picture on Instagram. Now THOSE girls are the ones who will respond and most likely hit you up in a couple minutes because that need for a males attention is so important.

So not only do I not respond because you probably are sending a message that lowers my IQ. But I also don't respond because  I use Facebook as a site of promotion for me and my talents.  I NETWORK which is what's it's supposed to be used for. If I wanted a hook up I'm sure I would go no another site or just go in my phone and pick who I want.

With that said... Have a fantastic Friday ;)