Monday, January 20, 2014

Emotional Thinker

Okay time for another honesty hour. This morning started out great for me despite my mind over thinking things like usual and the lack of sleep because I kept checking my phone. I woke up from what seemed like a nap and had a good outlook on today. Then it got a little weird when I started to get ready for work. Those thoughts that I had heavy on my brain carried over into the morning. Now here I am trying to do my hair and put on clothes when I stop and sit down and start to think about these damn distractions.

When I start to over think especially when it's something that drives some emotion out of me the outcomes are never pretty.My heart starts to hurt at the mere thought of being ignored when I'm trying to find something out. My brain is like a race track and my thoughts are fighting to see who will be dealt with first. And forget about my attitude! Because that bad boy shoots up and down when trying to find my sanity!

When you're an emotional thinker, you tend to take things to a different level and you can't see clear because well you're blinded by hurt and emotion to see or hear reality. That my friends is the state of mind I found myself in this morning. When I calmed down, I can hear things and see somethings and I realize that the person I was upset about wasn't really worth the time at all. Wasn't really worth losing sleep over, or to even contact. Here's why because you are in charge of your day; and I'd be damned to let someone who obviously doesn't care ruin it.

Gather your emotional thoughts before you start to think about a situation. It's very tough but in the end you will see what's real and what isn't. You will be able to gain control over yourself and have a strength to push forward unlike before. Always remember just because you might care about someone or something doesn't mean that thing or person cares about you. It might suck to hear that but at least you know and are in control of what you put out whether it be emotion, time or so on. So just breathe my fellow emotional thinkers, today will be a good day.