Thursday, January 16, 2014


Time doesn't slow down for anyone. We all wish for it to slow down or reverse itself. We want just an hour back to prevent us from sending that embarrassing text message. We want a few minutes left to spend with the people we care about and for the love of humanity we want more sleep!

Since it's obvious that we can't control the clock or stop time, change in inevitable. So with that being said, since we can't stop time or stop change, why change for the wrong reasons? I watch people switch it up for others or a job not because it's what their heart desires but because someone else wants them too. If you want to get your nails done, buy a new outfit, take your presentation in a way you see fit or whatever else you can think of; why do it for the pleasure of others and not you? 

When taking my friends little sister shopping, a young girl said "Tim likes red so I'm gonna get this skirt! He will notice me and my legs" her friend replied "but you hate red.." The girl turned around and said "No I love red.... for Tim". First off she's maybe in middle school so she needs to have a seat. Walking past the group of tweens And going into another store I heard the same talk from women my age. I even heard a guy in GNC the other day talking about bulking up to make his ex jealous. So with that, I've come to the conclusion it doesn't matter what age or gender we are; we have a  desire to be noticed.

So if you desire to change why not do it for you instead of changing for someone else? Why not change in the direction that can bring people to love you for you whether it be friends or love or whatever instead of being noticed? We have lots of television shows that showcase that person doing drastic stuff to get noticed by their boss, family or eye candy. It's the new norm for some people to change for others and not because it's best for them. It's normal to be someone you're not to fit in instead of who you are and be alone. Let's face it no one wants to be alone right?

I was told to change many things about me. From when I was on television to my writing style or my radio delivery. I was told by many people to change this and that and THEN I will be where I want to be, but I refuse. I'm where I am because of who I am. I'm all for improvement and changing in that way that will benefit me, but becoming someone else is out of the question. I'm 24 almost 25, and my resume is impressive and extensive all because  believing that I don't need that superficial change to make me bigger or better. I don't need to change to be like someone else in order to get to where I will be, God has that all worked out for me I just have to wait and continue to hustle hard. 

Time and change are great! When it comes to growing and changing into a better person. Change sucks when someone is trying to take away who you are to satisfy them. So think about it, are you changing for you?