Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Be Someones Blessing

When we think of blessings what comes to mind? Health? Fancy cars or houses? Money? etc. Most of us would think money because ultimately that's what we're after in this superficial world. We seek more green to satisfy our kids, friends, employees and our-self of course.  So second question how can you be someones blessings? Third question what can you do or have you done to be someones blessing?

You don't have to hand out tons of money to be considered a blessing. Just by asking someone "hows your day?" or sending a text saying "I'm thinking about you" or "have a great day". Or even speaking with someone who looks like they aren't doing to well. Those little forms of communication can bless those in the deepest ways more than money ever could. How? well just the thought of having someone care about how we are, satisfies us in ways we don't think about.  Have you had a day that was total pandemonium? Nothing was going right and people were working your last nerve?  Now imagine someone sending you a text saying "thinking about you" or "how are you?"  or sending you a scripture randomly like my friend Ariana does to me. Those types of things open us up and lightens our hearts a little because we're reminded that no matter the stresses someone cares about us.

I was at Chevron yesterday when I heard a homeless man ask for something simple, a cup of coffee or a dollar. He asked about four people who ignored him, looked at their phones as if they didn't hear this request or were just flat out rude to the man. He looked down and you can tell he's been through a lot. He came over to me and smiled, he said "Excuse me Ms? May I have a dollar so I can get some coffee?" I looked at him and smiled, noticed that everyone who turned him down was watching in disgust. I said "I'm sorry I don't have a dollar" he looked sad and smiled and was going to walk away "but I do have ten dollars" he looked at me and smile and said "May God Bless you!" He went inside past all those people, and actually bought water, coffee and a sandwich and some other needs with the ten dollars I provided.

I don't have money to give away and I actually needed that ten bucks, but I could tell he needed it more. So I prayed on the ten bucks and God told me to "Bless him" so I did. For the first time in giving, I felt great about it, a spirit was in me that lifted all this physical pain I'd been carrying for a couple months now. God will speak to you in real situations and you will know when to say "hi" or just strike a conversation with a stranger who looks lonely, or to help someone in need. With people now a days that  like to trick you and use money for bad things it's hard to want to give so you have to be cautious and smart. Pray on it and God will let you know.

So send that random text if a thought of someone crosses your mind. Smile at someone who looks upset or sad. If you can help someone  who is in need, don't contemplate on whether or not to do it, just do it. Be someones blessing you have no idea what your random act of happiness can or will do for someone.