Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Reality of Reality

I see pictures of gorgeous actresses and musicians that grace the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Complex and King etc. On television I hear "bitch this" or "that nigga ain't shit" or "you slept with so and so" or "try me" I think you know where I'm headed with this. It's sad, depressing, and unfortunately a reality for many people.

We see these things, and a lot of time we "oo and awe" at the drama. We post things to our Facebook and Twitter about how good "Love and Hip Hop" was even though it's a disgrace that Hollywood executives call entertainment. We laugh, but did you ever think in reality they are laughing at us? Let's face it, we all have been that ratchet girl on the television, did a little Miley Cyrus activity, been with a dude who's like Stevie J or hey even acted like Stevie J. That is reality and they are just broadcasting it. Now since it's highlighted on television, that type of behavior is now "IN?"

 Being ratchet is no longer frowned upon it's now an expectation. Sounding like you can't pronounce certain words or use certain articulation is now acceptable. It's upsetting to see the inanity with the English language. People don't expect much from our generation anymore, these shows don't help, and we don't help our image either.

This year has been the year of self expression, I'm not knocking anyone for acting sexually, for wanting to explore we are all grown. I'm not judging those who think that "twerking" on everything that has a penis is okay, and I'm sure as hell not pointing the finger on your misuse of language. I'm surprised that for those who act this way turn around and post on Facebook how "niggas aint shit" or "solo dolo don't need em" or "fuck love Imma do me"  okay fine, VENT. Just come to reality that if you act a certain way you will attract that type of person. If you want something different that's easy God says it "CHANGE" it  might not happen tomorrow or the next day.

2013 the year of the ratchet and classless. The year that twerking was noticed (despite the fact it's BEEN around for years)  the year that almost EVERYONE got it in some way or another and the year where butt injections and implants were highlighted killing thousands of women around the world all because that's portrayed as beautiful.

This blog  was inspired by the lyrical reality of  @yesLIVcan  , so with that I wonder what 2014 will bring? I hope it's the year where simplicity is overturned by dreams and aspirations to achieve them.  I hope it's the year of the ladies and gentlemen. The year where reading makes a comeback and words are spelled correctly. The year where education is sexy again instead of how big your butt injects are. Or maybe I might push the line with this one, but the year where women actually compliment one another and not throw shade because her outfit looks better than yours. A girl can only hope right?