Monday, December 16, 2013

MESSAGE: Thoughts...

 Some people feel some type of way, which is the reason for this blog posting. 

They say you are only as strong as those around you. That you give off the energy that you get from others. They say that you act like those around you and if you don't it's only in due time before you get sucked in.

If such words are true, then why do some of the most successful people come from horrendous backgrounds? Or from families who don't know the meaning of family? Or hang out with friends who are the "wrong crowd"?

If those words are true, then how come I am not like those who are around me? How come I haven't fallen into the pits of stupidity or judgement like the ones that I allowed to be around me? How come I have this  humility within myself to say "I was wrong" or "sorry" unlike those around me?

It's all a matter of identity.

Truth is, there is some truth into the statement, you are what you hang around. Or what I love to hear, guilty by association. If you hang with the bad crowd it's a matter of time before that crowd has an affect on you and your doings. Another way to look at it is to be a statistic and fall in the category of NOT being subdued by the doom of that around you.

I've had a lot of bad things and people around me. I've seen  many things,  not more than some but more than most. I've been through things no one would ever imagine or believe if I stated; only because it's covered with my smile. Truth is I'm stronger than those who I had around me. My energy is better than those who I wasted time on calling friends or boyfriends etc. I refused to accept that "guilty by association" or "you are who you hang with" statements.  Instead I'm the opposite and a damn proud statistic.

I'm now on a different path and have noticed that those around me might not be down for me. I've noticed that the company I kept wasn't working because they had ulterior motives. Most of those people didn't want to see me reach the point I was at, or to see me be so positive. There is a time and a place for everything and everyone. For me that negative energy and those people had to go and be replaced. Replaced by others who have a vision to succeed and be happy. Replaced by those who were no longer on the path I used to call home. Replaced by those I can learn from and look up too. I don't regret knowing or being friends with or being with anyone I was associated with before. They are the reason why I will never forget who I am, where I came from and what I had to do to change.  I  knew that time was up for me and I decided to make a change. I wasn't as good as the company I kept I was different, and that's okay.

What one might deem as a "bad crowd" might be the only family someone else has. That doesn't mean they are or act the same way. Trust me. I know.