Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

Ahh This year was the year of wow and what the hells? Mixed with a little bit of awe that's sad to HIDE YA KIDS! Here is MY  Celebrity recap of 2013

Taylor Swift actually ending this year SINGLE

Miley Cyrus losing her cool and becoming a "twerker" which in reality is just spinal popping since she has NO booootay

Paul Walker passed away SAD and so our love of Fast and Furious movies are now at an end

Kanye knocking up social SLORE Kim Kardashian and now set to be engaged

Katie Holmes ditching her hubby Tom Cruise for his bff Jamie Foxx

Gabrielle Union STILL accepted BF Dwaye Wades proposal even after finding out he had a secret baby while they split

Beyonce releasing a secret album pissing off vendors and her competition

Instagram breaking up relationships by adding DIRECT MESSAGES

Rhianna FINALLY Left Chris Brown who OFFICIALLY entered into rehab and is doing great

TLC lifetime movie was GREAT! Pissed off me and a few others that it DIDN'T get theater play but Justin Biebers SECOND movie will be in theaters next year....

Teens doing the "Condom Challenge" which killed a few people.. surprised?

Halle Berry helped pass a law in Cali that prohibits the pap from  approaching  celebs when they are with their children

2PAC finally received a star on the  Hollywood Walk of Fame

Kevin Hart popped up and showed us why we should love him

Kendrick Lamars verse pretty much killed the game and woke up MANY artists

Paula Deen got asked to do Granny Porn

Zac Effron check in rehab for his crack addiction