Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 AMA Recap :)

So if you missed the AMA's last night, and only want to see the performances and see who won, well click below.

Favorite Male Pop Rock Artist – Justin Timberlake
Favorite Female Artist, Soul/R&B - Rihanna
Favorite Album, Country - "Red," by Taylor Swift
Favorite Album, Rap/Hip-Hop - "The Heist," by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Favorite Artist, Alternative Rock - Imagine Dragons
Favorite Artist, Latin - Marc Anthony
Favorite Album, Pop or Rock - "Take Me Home," by One Direction
New Artist of the Year, presented by Kohl's - Ariana Grande
Favorite Male Artist, Soul/R&B - Justin Timberlake
Favorite Female Artist, Country - Taylor Swift
Single of the Year - "Cruise," by Florida Georgia Line, featuring Nelly
Favorite Album, Soul/R&B - "The 20/20 Experience," by Justin Timberlake
Favorite Artist, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) - Avicii
Favorite Artist, Adult Contemporary - Maroon 5
Favorite Artist, Contemporary Inspirational - Matthew West
Top Soundtrack - Pitch Perfect
Favorite Male Artist, Country - Luke Bryan
Favorite Band, Duo or Group, Pop or Rock - One Direction
Favorite Band, Duo or Group, Country - Lady Antebellum
Artist of the Year - Taylor Swift

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MESSAGE: Motivation

Who am I kidding? I love writing about celebrity gossip the latest trends and what people are talking about. BUT I also love feedback from my readers and specific questions they want answered. So like I mentioned in my last post, I will be responding via blog or vlog in between my celebrity gritty blogs.

So here is this blog, Motivation!

A majority of you ask me "what motivates me?" or "can you help me get motivated?" or "how do you have the energy?"

Motivation  for me comes from my late best friend who was taken away in 2002. Another is my nephew and he always tells me to believe in myself and expresses how much he loves me. My small inner circle that helps lift me every step of the way. My readers motivate me  because I write to please me and you  and it seems to be working :). Lastly, I also motivate myself because at 24 years old, I have accomplished many things and I'm still in the  process of getting my degree!!

How can I help you get motivated?
Well all I can say is do you.Meaning you are the ONLY one who will push you as hard as you can go. You are the ONLY one who has a true say so in what you do.IF you DON'T believe  in yourself or care enough about yourself than why expect me or someone else to?

Lastly, how do you find the energy?
Well I work full time (Mon-Fri 8-5 sometimes weekends) I go to college full time (maintaining a 3.84 GPA), I also am a novelist (published 1 and 3 in the works), and I create and keep up with this blog as well as another blog writing team (Lovett Publishing). I have many bosses who keep me busy and entertained. On top of that I manage to go to the gym almost everyday and get enough sleep (on some nights). So energy isn't the question it's more about motivation which is what this blog is about.

We all have different things that motivate us. Whether it be  your parents, children, peers, work or just the love of whatever craft you do. Either way, the honest truth is that you either have it or you don't. You can either be a doer and a go getter or just sit there and let  things pass you by, which one are you? Pick your motivation and do something great.

I challenge you to find  that motivation and use it to be the best you  that you can be

Monday, November 11, 2013

Let's Get Personal

Since y'all love to get personal and read certain things that I post and what not, I thought I would share this.

As a writer the most frustrating thing is when we get writers block or like I say writers rut. I experienced my very first writers block and it lasted almost two months. Writing is my outlet so to not be able to write whether it be in my blog, in one of my two novels I have going right now or even a text message sucks.

I want to say thank you to the very FEW who helped me get out of this. FEW as in two people and the other GOD. Without them my writing rut would probably still be in existence. Now I must say, I will be done with my Third novel by January and hopefully be ready to publish in February. As for my fourth novel that has more of an official deadline in which I plan to be finished with around March 2014 publication on this is all depending on the literary agent who requesting this novel (supposedly due in fall of 2014).

Thanks to my Mo and my B for being there through this time and definitely thanks to God for helping me see a way and coming through clearly with things I need to change in order to proceed.

I've been getting a few requests for specific blog postings and those excite me so like my last two or three, I will be responding via blog to most of your requests. :) I appreciate all of you readers, you make being a writer 10x more awesome.

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Musical Obsessions Right Now

Someone messaged me wanting to know what Albums I had in my playlist that I absolutely love and can listen to on repeat without getting irritated... lol So here are a few that I listen to throughout the day some are singles and others of course are albums! If you haven't heard of some of these artists definitely check them out. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Let's get real for just one second. Okay? Sounds good? Thought so. We all have ticks, you know those little things that bug the hell out of us. Those things that if touched can make us EXPLODE with rage; that most of us hide and keep deep inside.


What makes us tick? The sole purpose of some peoples being to harm others and to make my life hell is what makes me tick. The ones who don't work hard but get the world handed to them on a silver platter is what used to make me tick. Used to, for many reasons. I stopped being upset and mad at those who didn't work hard and don't have to because of mommy and daddy. I stopped being made for those people instead I felt sorry and started to pray for them. Why? Well let's face it, those who get things handed down to them with no moral work ethic applied, are the ones who will be lost later on in life. So why be upset? Not everyone has the same journey or can understand what someone else is going through. So with that said, and with that thought, I stopped. 


What makes you tick? Think real deep. Is it that baby daddy or mama you have? Is it that friend who you secretly don't like, or is it that job you have that hardly pays the bills but has you working harder than your body can take? I think it's safe to say that we all have things that can make is tick.... get us mad and some of those things are inevitable. Take a big person time out.... take a minute go in your room and sit in silence, no Facebook, IG or Twitter; no networking or texting. Just sit there with you and your thoughts. Breathe deep and ask yourself "what makes me tick?"

As your mind starts to process everything gather up all those things write them down and burn it. What I noticed is that we sit on things. We hibernate on these thoughts and people that piss us off just because we were hurt. Let go.. some of  you guys' problem is that you don't want to let go or don't honestly know how. You would rather hold on to that pain in hopes of that thing or person coming back and saying "sorry".  Or what I noticed you will hold onto that "tick" and use it as a cruch, an excuse for your behavior.

Don't give those ticks power..... Easier said than done, I know. One thing that set me free was writing them down and burning it.

What makes you tick?

"The days of our years are seventy or even by reason of strength eighty years; yet their pride is but labor and sorrow, for it passes quickly, and we fly away" - Psalm 90:10