Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Thoughts

As I sit back and smile I can't help but be amazed by what God has done for me and the favor he keeps showing me. I've done everything humanly possible to keep my life happy and on track and recently that involved letting go some contagious bad seeds. Do I regret it? Heck no! Making those moves to create a clear path for myself and stay focused was the best decision I have ever made.

Last night after a hard workout I got home and noticed I had some mail. First I was thinking "damn another bill?" but instead it was a royalty check from my first novel "A CROOKED SMILE"  which has been out for almost a year and still selling strong according to the check amount.

Things happen for you when you least expect it. During my moves for the past couple months to year I've cut people and changed the way I think about others and changed my attitude. I got a little closer to God, close enough to where I can hear him speak to me.

Some might not understand and those are the people I don't expect to. Just remember you are NOT meant for everyone, and everyone is not meant to be your friend :D (learn this quick and not years or decades down the line).

Between those royalty checks that keep trickling in, to me finishing up 3 more novels to something else major that will happen for me next month I can't help but smile, keep to myself and continue to work.

Using your creative mind in a way for not only trying to make money takes courage and faith. Sticking with it takes balls and faith. and believing in yourself takes...well faith... This not only applies to authors like myself, this also applies to musicians rappers singers, dancers, fashion designers, artists anything creative; this is our mind set on making our dreams come true.

I write this blog today because I was asked by my other blogging team, what moves me?

I don't aim to please people or care to have a ton of people claim to be my friends. I aim to please God and myself and my readers who love to read my blogs and my books. I aim to touch those minds that are just as creative or who want to be creatively  moved. I aim to please those who believe in me and for those who doubt to believe by show. But most importantly I aim to make a name for myself, I'm already making a trace, it's almost time to fill it in.