Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home Wrecker?

Simon Cowell is rich, has it all! Except a woman of his own and a family. When asked years ago if he would have children he replied with "God no I can't handle children" well when you get older some things start to change. So now he's been dating linking him to the sexy Carmen Electra, but apparently he likes his women a little bit more tied.... and by tied I mean women who are already in a relationship!

Cowell is being accused of breaking up not only a marriage but a marriage of whom he is friends with the husband.... Great friend right? NOT only did he take part in committing adultery with Lauren Silverman shown above, but his friends wife is said to be knocked up by Cowell himself.. Even creepier.

Pic above is Simon and his ex Carmen Electra on a yacht with Silverman and her husband. Rumors says that Lauren has been trying to get a divorce for quiet some time and her husband wont comply.. So is this her way of trying to get out for sure? What does Cowell have to say at this point? "No comment"