Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Do I Write?

Night before last I was speaking with a friend. Him and I were engaged in a conversation for 5 hours. He's writing this screen play and wanted to read it to me and bounce some ideas off my good ol noggin. In the mist of talking he asked "why do you write?" and "how can you create stories that draw people in?"

Well I answered these questions and then more came about so this took about an hour and a half of our five hour conversation. I wont put it all on paper instead I will let you read this comment I received on my other blog for Lovett Publishing :

I write for those reasons, to help people, to inspire and to let them know that they are NOT alone. That we all as people have struggles and we need to use them to better our self. Perfect example, Kevin Hart, been through hell but those people he met, those experiences he went through turned into jokes. Now he's able to allow us in while we "Laugh at his pain". My journey causes those to be reeled in and feel like they are apart of me because we have similarities. If I can touch just one person with each post whether it be making them laugh, realize their situation, or give them strength then I fulfilled my reason for writing and my love for my craft is at it's best. With each posting and comment positive and negative, I'm reaching people and knowing that makes me smile.

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