Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tamed the Beast!

So for my Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta watchers you all know the infamous Stevie J and Joseline. On the episode before last Joseline proposed to Stevie J and he nonchalantly accepted. But then on the last episode Stevie said yes BUT also gave a ring to his baby mama Mimi!!Well after Joseline stormed out and beat the mess out of Stevie J... I think she knocked some sense into him, well at least for the time being!

This left us LHHATL fans in the winds wanting to know what happened!! Well looks like those two really are married and that is confirmed by Stevie J!!!!

Now some of you who watch the show wonder why Joseline doesn't get rid of him and move on.... Well according to some court documents that were released on accident, Stevie get a HUGE cut of Joeslines money as her manager!! and when I say huge I mean over 90%!!! and all he has to do is pay her up keep aka hair and all that, rent and travel expenses!! She should have read the contract... in full before signing...

Soo Congrats?

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