Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tamed the Beast!

So for my Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta watchers you all know the infamous Stevie J and Joseline. On the episode before last Joseline proposed to Stevie J and he nonchalantly accepted. But then on the last episode Stevie said yes BUT also gave a ring to his baby mama Mimi!!Well after Joseline stormed out and beat the mess out of Stevie J... I think she knocked some sense into him, well at least for the time being!

This left us LHHATL fans in the winds wanting to know what happened!! Well looks like those two really are married and that is confirmed by Stevie J!!!!

Now some of you who watch the show wonder why Joseline doesn't get rid of him and move on.... Well according to some court documents that were released on accident, Stevie get a HUGE cut of Joeslines money as her manager!! and when I say huge I mean over 90%!!! and all he has to do is pay her up keep aka hair and all that, rent and travel expenses!! She should have read the contract... in full before signing...

Soo Congrats?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Do I Write?

Night before last I was speaking with a friend. Him and I were engaged in a conversation for 5 hours. He's writing this screen play and wanted to read it to me and bounce some ideas off my good ol noggin. In the mist of talking he asked "why do you write?" and "how can you create stories that draw people in?"

Well I answered these questions and then more came about so this took about an hour and a half of our five hour conversation. I wont put it all on paper instead I will let you read this comment I received on my other blog for Lovett Publishing :

I write for those reasons, to help people, to inspire and to let them know that they are NOT alone. That we all as people have struggles and we need to use them to better our self. Perfect example, Kevin Hart, been through hell but those people he met, those experiences he went through turned into jokes. Now he's able to allow us in while we "Laugh at his pain". My journey causes those to be reeled in and feel like they are apart of me because we have similarities. If I can touch just one person with each post whether it be making them laugh, realize their situation, or give them strength then I fulfilled my reason for writing and my love for my craft is at it's best. With each posting and comment positive and negative, I'm reaching people and knowing that makes me smile.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Childhood was Awesome

TV and Games now suck! Might be harsh but it's the truth. One of my exes little sisters had NO idea what "The Jetsons" were and looked at me like I was from outer space! So here is why my childhood was awesome...

We played outside!:

Red Rover 

Hide and Seek! or Ghost in the Graveyard

 My Favorite! Kick the Can!

Now if we wanna talk game counsels... I got you on that, matter of fact I STILL HAVE THIS!: 

As for TV if WE even stayed inside to play we watched some of the following: 

 I'm just saying... you can't touch quality fun and tv shows! Now everyone on TV is having sex, a whore, has a baby, drinks, smokes and does God knows what...I feel bad for the ones growing up watching what's on TV now and being glued to their phones and ipads.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lovett Publishing : Beauty is my sin


Ebony Williams

Beautiful Woman    Beautiful is what men called me. They would stare in my eyes and let that simple, soft word slip out… beautiful. I didn't know how powerful that word was. That word alone opened the gates to my treasures that should've stayed hidden. Beautiful is a word that a young woman should hear from her father in order to protect her from other men. If I would've heard that word from my father, I wouldn't have been so easily smitten by the man who told me first. A word I wasn't used to hearing nor had ever heard. It made me feel good in my heart and in other parts.
   At the time I didn’t understand that he was only a young boy whose hormones were raging. For a couple of weeks I was smitten, totally infatuated and enamored with this boy who seemed to see the real me. I now realize that he complimented me not for me or my pleasure and confidence, he did it to break down that barrier and enter inside my throne. Soon after the sweet talk came, those three little words that every girl wants to hear came out, "I love you.” Being beautiful and loved, being beautifully loved allowed that boy to take the only thing so precious to me. Then after the beauty was discovered I was then left not so beautiful anymore.
   He disappeared and the next boy came along and used a different word: stunning. Then the next said, "Gorgeous." Soon, I was an admirable beauty. The vocabulary got richer as the boys grew into men. The game changed: hands placed gently on my face, jeans turned into slacks and ties, and kisses moved from my neck to forehead. Who knew that those minor changes would make my eyes wonder in many directions? I had a gift, something men wanted and would say anything to get. From that boy when I was eighteen to the man who likes me now who is in his thirties, it doesn't matter because beauty is my sin. That weakness allowed a man into a place that no man should be except for my husband.
   Beauty was my weakness because I was denied being told I was beautiful by the man who mattered most, my father. He was present while I was younger and he worked very hard. When I became a teenager and started to grow into my own, the complements on how I looked in my father's eyes stopped. Looking for that love and affection from a man, any man, became what I wanted. I needed that attention from my father growing up. When it stopped, I was determined to feel beautiful again. When the first boy told me I was beautiful, he opened a new world for me and took me down a path I never planned to go. The path could have been different if beauty had been defined by my father.
   Beauty was my sin, because I didn't know the true power I possessed inside. The secret weapon between my legs would have taken me many places if I had handled it with care. My beauty caused me to get attention from men when I wanted it because that little girl inside of me was crying and I didn't know how to soothe her. I held onto that pain for many years and now I look back, ashamed of who I was and what I did. I woke up from my hellish nightmare and realized it's never too late to change and accept your sin; it took me a couple of years to realize I am beautiful and not just because of the power I posses, but because God the father told me so. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us the sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9