Monday, June 10, 2013

Requested: For The One With the Broken Heart

Because I got a private message on Facebook asking to write a piece for someone (no names as I promised) But nonetheless she loved it and so I will share it.

For the One With the Broken Heart

For the one with the broken heart
that beating drum that won't let you be done
the soft muscle that we guard
can hold so much but break into pieces when handled wrong

For the one with the broken heart
you know that thing in the middle of your chest?
the one that is responsible for making us love
that pumping muscle that makes our blood flow
yeah that thing......

For the one with a broken heart
just take it back and repair the damage done
take it in and place your hand above your heart
ask God to mend and do his work

For the one with the broken heart
just keep living as if your days never stopped
as if that man never took part
as if that person never stomped on it
keep loving as if you never loved before

For the one with the broken heart
just cry a little and swear in that time
but only for a split second then get back to life
don't let that pain take over for longer than you should
that hurt should never posses that love you still have within you

Because the only thing worse than a broken heart is one filled with hate
It's ok to be that one who is sad, who loved so hard you fell harder in the end
It's ok to feel vulnerable and weak at that time
Don't give someone that power to take your heart they broke
It's yours

For the one with the broken heart... just L.I.V.E

-Ebony Williams Original 2013 Copyright All Rights Reserved

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