Wednesday, June 19, 2013

God Speaks

He spoke to me the moment I woke up. I was getting ready to leave he said "Grab the Bible" so I did.... Got into my car and was getting ready to play my music he said "turn it off and talk to me"... So I did, I confessed many things, issues, doubts, struggles and pain. Asked for him to heal me in may ways etc... and about 10 minutes ago he said "Joshua" So I sat there for a minute, kept repeating "Joshua" in my head. Then I looked at the corner of my desk and remembered that I brought the bible to work today. So I opened it to that chapter and he said "read, you'll know when to stop" So what did I do? Well I read as instructed.  

Joshua Chapter 1 verse 9. Now all I can do is smile. This helped me,  this might help you too. 

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