Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Be Funny and Be Successful

We all think about it, MONEY how to pay the bills, I need a new car or these student loans are a pain in my ass! But you can't seem to find a job you love let alone find a job to be successful in...Well this posting today wont help you find a job you love BUT it will put some incite on the type of person who's the most successful.

(but tastefully of course) 

So I was reading the other day on an article that popped up on yahoo and also CNN and some other site I can't remember off the top of my head, but they went into detail on the work force, crashing fields the best degrees and so on. I came across a part in these articles that said funny people are more successful.Want to know why? SIMPLE Because they are easy to get along with, light hearted, helps relives stress in the work place, creative, outgoing, still a hard worker but knows how to lighten the mood, tend to be the most detail oriented, and of course if you're the funny one you can count on getting an invite to EVERY work related function (hence giving you a shot to kick it with the big guys).

Have you ever had that up tight boss? Remember what it's like working for a stickler like that? How long did it last? That's what I thought, no one likes a hard ass. It's bad enough we have to be in a place for most of the day just to make income, and for those people who work jobs that they hate, it just makes it 10x harder to stay. 

I remember when I was working at this hotel and the entire staff was a little stiff. Now knowing me all I do is crack jokes and make light in the work place. About a week into my job I had people coming in high fiving me, smiling, laughing with me and performing better. All because that girl at the front aka me was happy. This changed the entire mood in the building. With the other front desk agents I worked wit, it made for a very close knit team. I love working in places and being me, because no matter what,you will love me or hate me. Either way I'll still be smiling and will make you smile too. 

When you smile and laugh and bring light to work, it not only makes it easy for you but for those around you. I'm not saying be the funny guy and totally fool around at work. I'm saying don't stress the small things. So I agree that funny people are successful, because I am hilarious and I'm doing pretty damn good but I don't think they are solely the MOST successful out of all the other people in the world , just my opinion. But then again, what defines being successful? Money or happiness? 

If you really hate your job it could always be worse, you could be doing what she does.

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