Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Stripping or Exotic Dancing? 

Strippers, a lot of people have different view points on them and what they do. A majority of people when asked said "They are hoes" or "Need a degree" and the comments got nastier as I started to ask more people what they thought. Then I got a view responses that view it totally opposite. Other people stated" it's an art" or "dancers who really love being acrobatic, but naked"

For me, it all depends on the person, place, and reason for becoming a stripper. I have plenty of friends who dance in the states and I know a few who strip in Alaska. Notice the word differentiation? Strip  taking off clothes Dance- form of art that moves totally different. Most exotic dancers don't have to take off their clothes because their form of dancing is captivating they get people to pull money out. Strippers take their clothes off for money because their dancing abilities aren't as tight, that's the difference.

I've been to a few strip clubs and watching the women who know how to dance do moves, and are acrobatic amazes me! I even tried a stripper 101 class in Vegas and that shit is HARD! Talk about the muscles and control you have to have in order to move that way. Stripping/Dancing is not just about twirling around on a pole. Remember those days in gym class where we had to climb the rope? Well imagine that on a slippery pole, in heels and having to do tricks? Doesn't sound so easy does it?

A friend on my Facebook posted this video of this girl dancing, watch it, it amazes me every time;

Note this is the type of stuff my friends do in the states

So the choice is up to you, if the ones dancing are nasty about it, then yes it's gross and down right degrading, but hey I can't lie, when i see dancing like this it's awesome, maybe one day I'll get my strength up and become a dancer (for my future husband of course;) )

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