Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sex ... What's the Issue?

Well lets start today by talking about one of my favorite topics SEX! 

Why is this my favorite topic? Well much like politics and religion when you talk about sex or even mention the word peoples faces get all turned up like they don't do it. Therefore putting sex in my top 3 favorite things to discuss! 

It's everywhere, in our magazines, our kids TV shows that have adult punch lines and of course in the music we blast in our speakers. 

So what's the issue with sex? Why do people get so uneasy about it? Why do they deny doing it or the people they did it with? 

Well my little grasshoppers that is easy! The answer is because most people are ashamed! and with that being said I'm hear to tell you my little humping nibblets that sex is nothing to be ashamed of! OWN IT! 

Releasing stress, showing love and it even helps you get in shape and build your stamina. Stop looking around grossed out that the chick next to you puts her mouth on someones unmentionables and stop thinking that guy has the herp just because he freaked that stripper that dances at Fantasies (even though most of our strippers have the herp doesn't mean all of them do) 

When you're in such a place like my lovely city Anchorage Alaska people share more partners than chapsticks especially if the guy looks hella good. But hey I'm going to fill you in on a little secret WRAP IT UP! All of you out there are getting burned by the SAME dude or getting preggo by his best friend. Why? Because when you're in this state people get bored because of the lack of activities and start humping to keep warm. Nothing wrong with humping, just get one partner.  

I get it we are young in our 20's and some reading this are younger and hell I have plenty of people reading this who are older. Point is we all go through that phase that "hoe phase" where you either flirt, go on LOTS of dates or hump whatever comes your way and shit who cares that's life! Problem is some of you are not growing out of that phase! Oh wait I'm sorry is this truth to much? Stop being all up tight and thinking your higher than the person next to you. If your going to slut it up don't do it for free, just sayin. 

So the issue for me with Sex in Alaska, is simple check the pic.....oh and for the love of humanity use a condom. My other job is at a maternity store and I'm tired of seeing the same people with a different pregnancy. 

This blog is done in pure humor with a hint of a reality check for some people :) Happy Tuesday......... 

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