Friday, February 8, 2013


Some don’t get it
Others think it has to rhyme
When really it’s just the thoughts creating a time
A time to what you see and a place to where you want to be
The thoughts of emotions that are tied to your heart
Seems so close but yet you have no idea where to start.

The rhythmic flowetry of words and symbolism's that roll off your tongue
Sexy like the Spanish pronouncing R’s
Sensual like the smell of a woman’s perfume
And dominating like a mans “manhood” ;).

Can ease your heart and open your mind
It can create portals to where you hide
It can release your stress and bring out that inner freak
It’s a great way that I choose to unleash.

Is just one of the many forms of writing that pumps through my veins
Blood filled with words that rush to my heart
A heart filled with lines waiting for a masterpiece to be created
A heart that I am proud to call mine and make my canvas.

Poetry…. It flows in me

Of course by the one and only ME :) 

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