Monday, February 11, 2013

Just Let It Out... and Listen Too.

When we get hurt whether it be with friendships, love, family and so on; some of us and I'm guilty of this tend to put up this barrier to block people out. Some think that this is acceptable and will heal them. A great person in my life told me that closure is the best thing possible. It's not always for you, check this out. Say you are the one who hurt somebody. You two used to be close and for some reason you did something so screwed up it messes with that other person daily.

I was recently put in a situation where someone wanted to talk to me. I didn't have anything to say and didn't want to hear the bs storm that was about to come my way. BUT my friend told me "Just listen, let them get the closure and move on." When I asked why, he said: "Have you ever been hurt to the point to where you want to kill someone? Like your emotional being is thrown off by this one person, and if you could just release everything you'd be able to let it go?" So I sat there and stared at him for 5 minutes thinking about what he said. In my heart and mind I was placed in this situation before and just wanted to rip that other person a new one, but since I was unable too, it took a lot longer to move on.

Sometimes we as people need to vent and release, and guess what? There's nothing wrong with that.

So I reluctantly picked up the phone and allowed this person to speak, hey God said if you have an ear then lend it right? I felt better just listening and so did that other person who came to the conclusion that I wasn't the one he was mad at, what he said brought out so may skeletons that I had nothing to do with.

Sometimes people just need to talk.

Thanks to my friend, I've come to the realization that everyone is a little fucked up in life. Everyone has issues, everyone will mess up and everyone at some point in time will hurt someone. When I grasped that, my whole world changed and
I thank my great friend for that wake up call.

Moral of the story?? Well let people talk, even if you don't want to listen, it may end up doing you some good in the long run.

Lord knows it helped me, and now I'm at the happiest point I've ever been in, in my life.

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