Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Stripping or Exotic Dancing? 

Strippers, a lot of people have different view points on them and what they do. A majority of people when asked said "They are hoes" or "Need a degree" and the comments got nastier as I started to ask more people what they thought. Then I got a view responses that view it totally opposite. Other people stated" it's an art" or "dancers who really love being acrobatic, but naked"

For me, it all depends on the person, place, and reason for becoming a stripper. I have plenty of friends who dance in the states and I know a few who strip in Alaska. Notice the word differentiation? Strip  taking off clothes Dance- form of art that moves totally different. Most exotic dancers don't have to take off their clothes because their form of dancing is captivating they get people to pull money out. Strippers take their clothes off for money because their dancing abilities aren't as tight, that's the difference.

I've been to a few strip clubs and watching the women who know how to dance do moves, and are acrobatic amazes me! I even tried a stripper 101 class in Vegas and that shit is HARD! Talk about the muscles and control you have to have in order to move that way. Stripping/Dancing is not just about twirling around on a pole. Remember those days in gym class where we had to climb the rope? Well imagine that on a slippery pole, in heels and having to do tricks? Doesn't sound so easy does it?

A friend on my Facebook posted this video of this girl dancing, watch it, it amazes me every time;

Note this is the type of stuff my friends do in the states

So the choice is up to you, if the ones dancing are nasty about it, then yes it's gross and down right degrading, but hey I can't lie, when i see dancing like this it's awesome, maybe one day I'll get my strength up and become a dancer (for my future husband of course;) )

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sex ... What's the Issue?

Well lets start today by talking about one of my favorite topics SEX! 

Why is this my favorite topic? Well much like politics and religion when you talk about sex or even mention the word peoples faces get all turned up like they don't do it. Therefore putting sex in my top 3 favorite things to discuss! 

It's everywhere, in our magazines, our kids TV shows that have adult punch lines and of course in the music we blast in our speakers. 

So what's the issue with sex? Why do people get so uneasy about it? Why do they deny doing it or the people they did it with? 

Well my little grasshoppers that is easy! The answer is because most people are ashamed! and with that being said I'm hear to tell you my little humping nibblets that sex is nothing to be ashamed of! OWN IT! 

Releasing stress, showing love and it even helps you get in shape and build your stamina. Stop looking around grossed out that the chick next to you puts her mouth on someones unmentionables and stop thinking that guy has the herp just because he freaked that stripper that dances at Fantasies (even though most of our strippers have the herp doesn't mean all of them do) 

When you're in such a place like my lovely city Anchorage Alaska people share more partners than chapsticks especially if the guy looks hella good. But hey I'm going to fill you in on a little secret WRAP IT UP! All of you out there are getting burned by the SAME dude or getting preggo by his best friend. Why? Because when you're in this state people get bored because of the lack of activities and start humping to keep warm. Nothing wrong with humping, just get one partner.  

I get it we are young in our 20's and some reading this are younger and hell I have plenty of people reading this who are older. Point is we all go through that phase that "hoe phase" where you either flirt, go on LOTS of dates or hump whatever comes your way and shit who cares that's life! Problem is some of you are not growing out of that phase! Oh wait I'm sorry is this truth to much? Stop being all up tight and thinking your higher than the person next to you. If your going to slut it up don't do it for free, just sayin. 

So the issue for me with Sex in Alaska, is simple check the pic.....oh and for the love of humanity use a condom. My other job is at a maternity store and I'm tired of seeing the same people with a different pregnancy. 

This blog is done in pure humor with a hint of a reality check for some people :) Happy Tuesday......... 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Just Let It Out... and Listen Too.

When we get hurt whether it be with friendships, love, family and so on; some of us and I'm guilty of this tend to put up this barrier to block people out. Some think that this is acceptable and will heal them. A great person in my life told me that closure is the best thing possible. It's not always for you, check this out. Say you are the one who hurt somebody. You two used to be close and for some reason you did something so screwed up it messes with that other person daily.

I was recently put in a situation where someone wanted to talk to me. I didn't have anything to say and didn't want to hear the bs storm that was about to come my way. BUT my friend told me "Just listen, let them get the closure and move on." When I asked why, he said: "Have you ever been hurt to the point to where you want to kill someone? Like your emotional being is thrown off by this one person, and if you could just release everything you'd be able to let it go?" So I sat there and stared at him for 5 minutes thinking about what he said. In my heart and mind I was placed in this situation before and just wanted to rip that other person a new one, but since I was unable too, it took a lot longer to move on.

Sometimes we as people need to vent and release, and guess what? There's nothing wrong with that.

So I reluctantly picked up the phone and allowed this person to speak, hey God said if you have an ear then lend it right? I felt better just listening and so did that other person who came to the conclusion that I wasn't the one he was mad at, what he said brought out so may skeletons that I had nothing to do with.

Sometimes people just need to talk.

Thanks to my friend, I've come to the realization that everyone is a little fucked up in life. Everyone has issues, everyone will mess up and everyone at some point in time will hurt someone. When I grasped that, my whole world changed and
I thank my great friend for that wake up call.

Moral of the story?? Well let people talk, even if you don't want to listen, it may end up doing you some good in the long run.

Lord knows it helped me, and now I'm at the happiest point I've ever been in, in my life.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Some don’t get it
Others think it has to rhyme
When really it’s just the thoughts creating a time
A time to what you see and a place to where you want to be
The thoughts of emotions that are tied to your heart
Seems so close but yet you have no idea where to start.

The rhythmic flowetry of words and symbolism's that roll off your tongue
Sexy like the Spanish pronouncing R’s
Sensual like the smell of a woman’s perfume
And dominating like a mans “manhood” ;).

Can ease your heart and open your mind
It can create portals to where you hide
It can release your stress and bring out that inner freak
It’s a great way that I choose to unleash.

Is just one of the many forms of writing that pumps through my veins
Blood filled with words that rush to my heart
A heart filled with lines waiting for a masterpiece to be created
A heart that I am proud to call mine and make my canvas.

Poetry…. It flows in me

Of course by the one and only ME :) 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Matters of the Heart (Guess What? No One Else Matters)

Luke 12:34 : For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 

I was having a conversation with my best friend and we were discussing certain matters of the heart, feelings and acting on certain emotions. The heart is a tricky thing, when listening to it you have to be very careful, much like the verse in Matthew  15:19 states: For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies it can also help in the way of following the scripture of Like 12:34. Depending on what you are listening too the heart can lead you astray from the correct matters at hand. 

So question of the day! "What do you do when your heart is pulling you in a direction that you never pictured coming?" 

Personally I acted on this emotion, something new came my way when my mind was on something else. When this person came into my life I read more into it because we've known each other for so long I just assumed that something was meant to come out of this. So naturally what do I do? I follow those instincts, and boy did it lead me in a world of trouble. BUT I believe it was necessary;  because I learned so much about me as a person, a woman and what one should receive and give. It was painful, hurtful and overbearing at times but thank God it was over.  

Second question of the day!" What do you do when your heart is beating hard for someone but you just got out a relationship?" 

Ahh I read this question over and over again. I'm not going to lie I didn't even want to touch on this but you want it so here ya go. Life is short and is meant to be shared with others.

Lesson- those that are only meant for a season 

Blessing- those that are meant to be around for a long while

NOW you have to learn which people are a lesson or a blessing.PERFECT EXAMPLE! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. People dog her because of her sex tape and because shes pregnant and still technically legally married. Now I like the Kardashians (like not love them) and truth is people don't know the situation but yet everyone has an opinion  Do you think that's stopping her? With everything she reads, hears sees on TV about her and what she faces every day the girl is still happy in her heart and with the one she wants to be with. In live you have to take shit, but as long as you don't listen to the haters you'll be fine. \

I'm still figuring out which people go to which category, but as I continue to life my life I realize that God does his work, and he will point them out in due time. So the best thing I would say is follow what makes you happy. Sure if you are fresh out of a relationship some people might pass judgement BUT truth is, who cares, they won't be taking care of you, only you and possibly that other person if things end up right. 

I had some more great questions, but I will answer them directly since they added names lol. I'm not a psychic or the one to go to about love. All I can speak on is my experience and release what God tells me to share when I ask him these questions. So with that being said, hope it helps! :)