Thursday, January 17, 2013


Relapses can be the most dangerous thing for us as people. Whether it be with drinking, using drugs or relationships. Most of us have seen someone we love go through some kind of relapse  I know I've seen plenty of this while growing up, and it's one of the most scary lonely feelings in the world.

So what do you do when you see someone going through this? What do you do if you're going through this? This is a tough question and leaves me to answer this based on experience and asking those closets to me. When my loved one was facing a relapse and started to drink again, it tore me apart the others around us. Staging an intervention was the best thing we could have ever done. But yes, we all had thoughts and doubts in our mind. We all were worried that maybe she will take it wrong and leave us all or lash out and become even more violent. Nonetheless  we had the intervention, touching, heartfelt, so many tears filled the room; now she is healthy happy and loves us more each day.

I also had a close friend dear to my heart that was hooked on a certain type of drug. His family didn't know how to deal so they kicked him out the house.His friends were either selling the drug or using themselves so he was constantly around this. There seemed to be no hope or light because all the people he ran too catered to his addiction or pushed him away. He pushed me away because I tried to help, but then I realized no matter how much you try, no matter how much you love someone you can't help those who don't want to be helped. So I prayed and prayed. Months went by with no communication and that ate me up. Then I get a call for his funeral 4 months after he lashed out on me for helping.....

Relationship relapses are just as effective, they can have either result. Say you're with someone whose abusive (mentally or physically) you "leave" but come back, or you take them back (I use them because this can be either a man or woman). Over time that hurt, that pain, those words that were said, those actions that were done and those broken promises and false hopes will ware on someone. But there is always something holding you in why? it's the possibility  it's the "Well we used to be" its the "we once were" excuses, and my favorite that I've used the "potential if time is given" excuse. By staying with someone who is in those stages it can be deadly. Shows like Snapped and TV channels like ID don't exist just because. Love is the most deadly thing a human and have. It can blind you and make you do crazy things. This is the most common and self hurting addiction out there. It slowly can kill you from the inside out and make you lose your mind. I had a friend, who turned someone down and got out of her relationship. She continued to mess with his head on the daily, calling texting, I love you and so forth. When he pleaded his pure little heart out to her one more time she shut the door on him and went with someone else (again); I recall this going on for a good 6 months. SO much emotion overwhelmed him, he stalked outside the house we were at one nigh and waited for her. He then followed her and ran her over. She's now in a wheel chair legs shattered and all; he on the other hand killed himself while still in the car.

Relapses it hurts, can kill and leave you without the ones you love. Seeing people go through them is tough  but going though it your self is even harder.

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