Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Knock Their Hustle

Motivated, talents, handsome/beautiful and down right educated! Most people who want to work in the entertainment industry whether you're an aspiring actor, musician, TV or radio personality you have to have a majority of what I mentioned if not all to even get looked at!

Unless you're that person who likes to try and get a head start and sleep your way to the top. Now hey, we can be mad and talk all the trash we want, but if that person has the gall to do that and think they can be taken seriously then more power to ya! I'm for one not going to knock your hustle mainly because some people have to lay down to get what they want, or flirt their way through situations because they aren't talented like others to get picked up.

Now for the hard working people I know this does in fact infuriate you. We work non stop, take steps get the door shut in our face plenty of times! For my musicians out there, for those who are on the street selling their album, in the malls at the kiosks and get those people who walk past you and ignore you, its cool. For the writers who submit their work to agents and publications and get a rejection letters its cool. and for those personalities (radio and tv) who get the people who say "you have to lose weight", "you're to short", "you need a BA in this and that" don't worry it'll be alright.

No self respecting person who is still killing the game, got anywhere without the No's. All the no's you receive are just preparing you for that yes that is on the way. I like to say, God doesn't want you to walk down certain paths so he will block you from certain companies. Not every company you want to work for will be good for you.

I've been told no, received so many rejection letters, and had many doors slammed in my face. am I ashamed? No, why? Because I know females like me who are doing the easy way and laying down or flirting with the higher ups to get there. Sure they might get looked at first, but when the talent and knowledge comes into play they will be slowly pushes aside. All the no's I've received always came with explanation and expectations, this is something I am great-full for; it's only helping me grow. I've been blessed with great yeses and they seem to keep on coming.

Stick to it, and don't knock someones hustle. Everyone does what they gotta do, just know right from wrong (and have a little self respect).

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