Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

Ahh This year was the year of wow and what the hells? Mixed with a little bit of awe that's sad to HIDE YA KIDS! Here is MY  Celebrity recap of 2013

Taylor Swift actually ending this year SINGLE

Miley Cyrus losing her cool and becoming a "twerker" which in reality is just spinal popping since she has NO booootay

Paul Walker passed away SAD and so our love of Fast and Furious movies are now at an end

Kanye knocking up social SLORE Kim Kardashian and now set to be engaged

Katie Holmes ditching her hubby Tom Cruise for his bff Jamie Foxx

Gabrielle Union STILL accepted BF Dwaye Wades proposal even after finding out he had a secret baby while they split

Beyonce releasing a secret album pissing off vendors and her competition

Instagram breaking up relationships by adding DIRECT MESSAGES

Rhianna FINALLY Left Chris Brown who OFFICIALLY entered into rehab and is doing great

TLC lifetime movie was GREAT! Pissed off me and a few others that it DIDN'T get theater play but Justin Biebers SECOND movie will be in theaters next year....

Teens doing the "Condom Challenge" which killed a few people.. surprised?

Halle Berry helped pass a law in Cali that prohibits the pap from  approaching  celebs when they are with their children

2PAC finally received a star on the  Hollywood Walk of Fame

Kevin Hart popped up and showed us why we should love him

Kendrick Lamars verse pretty much killed the game and woke up MANY artists

Paula Deen got asked to do Granny Porn

Zac Effron check in rehab for his crack addiction

Monday, December 30, 2013

Colony High Headed to the Rose Bowl

As I was checking out some of my news outlets getting in touch with Alaska and seeing what's going on. I noticed something awesome on adn.com written by Zaz Hollander!  Seems like Colony High Schools marching band will be performing during halftime at the Rose Bowl! The Rose Bowl is due to air on January 1st at 1pm Alaska time.  More details about Colony's journey to Cali is in Hollander's article which can be found below :

Monday, December 16, 2013

MESSAGE: Thoughts...

 Some people feel some type of way, which is the reason for this blog posting. 

They say you are only as strong as those around you. That you give off the energy that you get from others. They say that you act like those around you and if you don't it's only in due time before you get sucked in.

If such words are true, then why do some of the most successful people come from horrendous backgrounds? Or from families who don't know the meaning of family? Or hang out with friends who are the "wrong crowd"?

If those words are true, then how come I am not like those who are around me? How come I haven't fallen into the pits of stupidity or judgement like the ones that I allowed to be around me? How come I have this  humility within myself to say "I was wrong" or "sorry" unlike those around me?

It's all a matter of identity.

Truth is, there is some truth into the statement, you are what you hang around. Or what I love to hear, guilty by association. If you hang with the bad crowd it's a matter of time before that crowd has an affect on you and your doings. Another way to look at it is to be a statistic and fall in the category of NOT being subdued by the doom of that around you.

I've had a lot of bad things and people around me. I've seen  many things,  not more than some but more than most. I've been through things no one would ever imagine or believe if I stated; only because it's covered with my smile. Truth is I'm stronger than those who I had around me. My energy is better than those who I wasted time on calling friends or boyfriends etc. I refused to accept that "guilty by association" or "you are who you hang with" statements.  Instead I'm the opposite and a damn proud statistic.

I'm now on a different path and have noticed that those around me might not be down for me. I've noticed that the company I kept wasn't working because they had ulterior motives. Most of those people didn't want to see me reach the point I was at, or to see me be so positive. There is a time and a place for everything and everyone. For me that negative energy and those people had to go and be replaced. Replaced by others who have a vision to succeed and be happy. Replaced by those who were no longer on the path I used to call home. Replaced by those I can learn from and look up too. I don't regret knowing or being friends with or being with anyone I was associated with before. They are the reason why I will never forget who I am, where I came from and what I had to do to change.  I  knew that time was up for me and I decided to make a change. I wasn't as good as the company I kept I was different, and that's okay.

What one might deem as a "bad crowd" might be the only family someone else has. That doesn't mean they are or act the same way. Trust me. I know.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Reality of Reality

I see pictures of gorgeous actresses and musicians that grace the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Complex and King etc. On television I hear "bitch this" or "that nigga ain't shit" or "you slept with so and so" or "try me" I think you know where I'm headed with this. It's sad, depressing, and unfortunately a reality for many people.

We see these things, and a lot of time we "oo and awe" at the drama. We post things to our Facebook and Twitter about how good "Love and Hip Hop" was even though it's a disgrace that Hollywood executives call entertainment. We laugh, but did you ever think in reality they are laughing at us? Let's face it, we all have been that ratchet girl on the television, did a little Miley Cyrus activity, been with a dude who's like Stevie J or hey even acted like Stevie J. That is reality and they are just broadcasting it. Now since it's highlighted on television, that type of behavior is now "IN?"

 Being ratchet is no longer frowned upon it's now an expectation. Sounding like you can't pronounce certain words or use certain articulation is now acceptable. It's upsetting to see the inanity with the English language. People don't expect much from our generation anymore, these shows don't help, and we don't help our image either.

This year has been the year of self expression, I'm not knocking anyone for acting sexually, for wanting to explore we are all grown. I'm not judging those who think that "twerking" on everything that has a penis is okay, and I'm sure as hell not pointing the finger on your misuse of language. I'm surprised that for those who act this way turn around and post on Facebook how "niggas aint shit" or "solo dolo don't need em" or "fuck love Imma do me"  okay fine, VENT. Just come to reality that if you act a certain way you will attract that type of person. If you want something different that's easy God says it "CHANGE" it  might not happen tomorrow or the next day.

2013 the year of the ratchet and classless. The year that twerking was noticed (despite the fact it's BEEN around for years)  the year that almost EVERYONE got it in some way or another and the year where butt injections and implants were highlighted killing thousands of women around the world all because that's portrayed as beautiful.

This blog  was inspired by the lyrical reality of  @yesLIVcan  , so with that I wonder what 2014 will bring? I hope it's the year where simplicity is overturned by dreams and aspirations to achieve them.  I hope it's the year of the ladies and gentlemen. The year where reading makes a comeback and words are spelled correctly. The year where education is sexy again instead of how big your butt injects are. Or maybe I might push the line with this one, but the year where women actually compliment one another and not throw shade because her outfit looks better than yours. A girl can only hope right?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

RIP Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela passed away today, click the link to be redirected to ABC for more information 

PHOTO: Nelson Mandela

Monday, December 2, 2013

MESSAGE: Blame Game

So I got a message from someone  about this and she had TONS of questions I think she was releasing somethings to me. I was going to ignore it (sorry) but funny how things work because this subject on what she was going through, applies to something that was brought to my attention this morning.

It amazes me how easy it is for people to not take responsibility for their screws up and how easy it is for them to be complacent in allowing and or blaming another person for their wrong doing. In a superficial world, it's so easy to get mixed up in many things. Many people I know aim to please others, do things or act a certain way, kiss ass, point fingers, just so they can sleep at night.

It's so easy to play the blame game. It's so easy to say Mary did this when in reality you did because you don't want to get caught up in the reality of your own struggles, wrongs, or mishaps. For those people who have to do this it's a shame. To run away from your issues and your faults, to go and hide like a coward instead of facing the reality is a shame.  Always point the blame, not taking it, denying it and so on only leads to a bad out look on you. Like the famous quote says "what's done in the dark, always comes to light"

I don't focus to much on these people, because they are sad human beings and they need help from a higher power.I know people like this and it's a shame I tend to stay clear from them. Ownership and keeping your word or even having a word is what's important. If people can't trust you, or count on you to do what you say then why are you surprised when people walk away from you?

For those who love to play the blame game and know how to play it well be careful; God doesn't like ugly, he is always watching. For those who are worried about people in their circle who do this, step away and do it fast, it's only a matter of time before they throw you under the bus.

Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 AMA Recap :)

So if you missed the AMA's last night, and only want to see the performances and see who won, well click below.

Favorite Male Pop Rock Artist – Justin Timberlake
Favorite Female Artist, Soul/R&B - Rihanna
Favorite Album, Country - "Red," by Taylor Swift
Favorite Album, Rap/Hip-Hop - "The Heist," by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Favorite Artist, Alternative Rock - Imagine Dragons
Favorite Artist, Latin - Marc Anthony
Favorite Album, Pop or Rock - "Take Me Home," by One Direction
New Artist of the Year, presented by Kohl's - Ariana Grande
Favorite Male Artist, Soul/R&B - Justin Timberlake
Favorite Female Artist, Country - Taylor Swift
Single of the Year - "Cruise," by Florida Georgia Line, featuring Nelly
Favorite Album, Soul/R&B - "The 20/20 Experience," by Justin Timberlake
Favorite Artist, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) - Avicii
Favorite Artist, Adult Contemporary - Maroon 5
Favorite Artist, Contemporary Inspirational - Matthew West
Top Soundtrack - Pitch Perfect
Favorite Male Artist, Country - Luke Bryan
Favorite Band, Duo or Group, Pop or Rock - One Direction
Favorite Band, Duo or Group, Country - Lady Antebellum
Artist of the Year - Taylor Swift

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MESSAGE: Motivation

Who am I kidding? I love writing about celebrity gossip the latest trends and what people are talking about. BUT I also love feedback from my readers and specific questions they want answered. So like I mentioned in my last post, I will be responding via blog or vlog in between my celebrity gritty blogs.

So here is this blog, Motivation!

A majority of you ask me "what motivates me?" or "can you help me get motivated?" or "how do you have the energy?"

Motivation  for me comes from my late best friend who was taken away in 2002. Another is my nephew and he always tells me to believe in myself and expresses how much he loves me. My small inner circle that helps lift me every step of the way. My readers motivate me  because I write to please me and you  and it seems to be working :). Lastly, I also motivate myself because at 24 years old, I have accomplished many things and I'm still in the  process of getting my degree!!

How can I help you get motivated?
Well all I can say is do you.Meaning you are the ONLY one who will push you as hard as you can go. You are the ONLY one who has a true say so in what you do.IF you DON'T believe  in yourself or care enough about yourself than why expect me or someone else to?

Lastly, how do you find the energy?
Well I work full time (Mon-Fri 8-5 sometimes weekends) I go to college full time (maintaining a 3.84 GPA), I also am a novelist (published 1 and 3 in the works), and I create and keep up with this blog as well as another blog writing team (Lovett Publishing). I have many bosses who keep me busy and entertained. On top of that I manage to go to the gym almost everyday and get enough sleep (on some nights). So energy isn't the question it's more about motivation which is what this blog is about.

We all have different things that motivate us. Whether it be  your parents, children, peers, work or just the love of whatever craft you do. Either way, the honest truth is that you either have it or you don't. You can either be a doer and a go getter or just sit there and let  things pass you by, which one are you? Pick your motivation and do something great.

I challenge you to find  that motivation and use it to be the best you  that you can be

Monday, November 11, 2013

Let's Get Personal

Since y'all love to get personal and read certain things that I post and what not, I thought I would share this.

As a writer the most frustrating thing is when we get writers block or like I say writers rut. I experienced my very first writers block and it lasted almost two months. Writing is my outlet so to not be able to write whether it be in my blog, in one of my two novels I have going right now or even a text message sucks.

I want to say thank you to the very FEW who helped me get out of this. FEW as in two people and the other GOD. Without them my writing rut would probably still be in existence. Now I must say, I will be done with my Third novel by January and hopefully be ready to publish in February. As for my fourth novel that has more of an official deadline in which I plan to be finished with around March 2014 publication on this is all depending on the literary agent who requesting this novel (supposedly due in fall of 2014).

Thanks to my Mo and my B for being there through this time and definitely thanks to God for helping me see a way and coming through clearly with things I need to change in order to proceed.

I've been getting a few requests for specific blog postings and those excite me so like my last two or three, I will be responding via blog to most of your requests. :) I appreciate all of you readers, you make being a writer 10x more awesome.

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Musical Obsessions Right Now

Someone messaged me wanting to know what Albums I had in my playlist that I absolutely love and can listen to on repeat without getting irritated... lol So here are a few that I listen to throughout the day some are singles and others of course are albums! If you haven't heard of some of these artists definitely check them out. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Let's get real for just one second. Okay? Sounds good? Thought so. We all have ticks, you know those little things that bug the hell out of us. Those things that if touched can make us EXPLODE with rage; that most of us hide and keep deep inside.


What makes us tick? The sole purpose of some peoples being to harm others and to make my life hell is what makes me tick. The ones who don't work hard but get the world handed to them on a silver platter is what used to make me tick. Used to, for many reasons. I stopped being upset and mad at those who didn't work hard and don't have to because of mommy and daddy. I stopped being made for those people instead I felt sorry and started to pray for them. Why? Well let's face it, those who get things handed down to them with no moral work ethic applied, are the ones who will be lost later on in life. So why be upset? Not everyone has the same journey or can understand what someone else is going through. So with that said, and with that thought, I stopped. 


What makes you tick? Think real deep. Is it that baby daddy or mama you have? Is it that friend who you secretly don't like, or is it that job you have that hardly pays the bills but has you working harder than your body can take? I think it's safe to say that we all have things that can make is tick.... get us mad and some of those things are inevitable. Take a big person time out.... take a minute go in your room and sit in silence, no Facebook, IG or Twitter; no networking or texting. Just sit there with you and your thoughts. Breathe deep and ask yourself "what makes me tick?"

As your mind starts to process everything gather up all those things write them down and burn it. What I noticed is that we sit on things. We hibernate on these thoughts and people that piss us off just because we were hurt. Let go.. some of  you guys' problem is that you don't want to let go or don't honestly know how. You would rather hold on to that pain in hopes of that thing or person coming back and saying "sorry".  Or what I noticed you will hold onto that "tick" and use it as a cruch, an excuse for your behavior.

Don't give those ticks power..... Easier said than done, I know. One thing that set me free was writing them down and burning it.

What makes you tick?

"The days of our years are seventy or even by reason of strength eighty years; yet their pride is but labor and sorrow, for it passes quickly, and we fly away" - Psalm 90:10

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Reason To Love KHart

Not only is he freaking hilarious! BUT Kevin Hart also loves to give to his city aka Philadelphia especially when it comes to the kids. Recently for those of you don't know, Philadelphia school systems are at a major low and funding (to no surprise) is not high up on the cities list.. Hart decided to give $250,000 to the Philadelphia school district for new computers. He released the news via Instagram video and Twitter earlier today :)

Tweets All / No replies

  1. My City made me who I am today...it's only right that I reach back & help them in their time of need. I'm coming Home on Friday damn it
  1. This is a Public Service Announcement for the City Of PHILADELPHIA... I am taking 250,000 & donating…

  1. I'm personally coming to Philly this FRIDAY to visit & talk to the kids at some of the schools that I will be donating computers to

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers

If your Twitter or Facebook was blowin up with the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher praises and you missed it! Check it out below!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Thoughts

As I sit back and smile I can't help but be amazed by what God has done for me and the favor he keeps showing me. I've done everything humanly possible to keep my life happy and on track and recently that involved letting go some contagious bad seeds. Do I regret it? Heck no! Making those moves to create a clear path for myself and stay focused was the best decision I have ever made.

Last night after a hard workout I got home and noticed I had some mail. First I was thinking "damn another bill?" but instead it was a royalty check from my first novel "A CROOKED SMILE"  which has been out for almost a year and still selling strong according to the check amount.

Things happen for you when you least expect it. During my moves for the past couple months to year I've cut people and changed the way I think about others and changed my attitude. I got a little closer to God, close enough to where I can hear him speak to me.

Some might not understand and those are the people I don't expect to. Just remember you are NOT meant for everyone, and everyone is not meant to be your friend :D (learn this quick and not years or decades down the line).

Between those royalty checks that keep trickling in, to me finishing up 3 more novels to something else major that will happen for me next month I can't help but smile, keep to myself and continue to work.

Using your creative mind in a way for not only trying to make money takes courage and faith. Sticking with it takes balls and faith. and believing in yourself takes...well faith... This not only applies to authors like myself, this also applies to musicians rappers singers, dancers, fashion designers, artists anything creative; this is our mind set on making our dreams come true.

I write this blog today because I was asked by my other blogging team, what moves me?

I don't aim to please people or care to have a ton of people claim to be my friends. I aim to please God and myself and my readers who love to read my blogs and my books. I aim to touch those minds that are just as creative or who want to be creatively  moved. I aim to please those who believe in me and for those who doubt to believe by show. But most importantly I aim to make a name for myself, I'm already making a trace, it's almost time to fill it in.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


SO! Since it's release it's been all over the internet! CONTROL by Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. Kendrick went all in calling out J. Cole's government name, to self proclaiming he is the KING of NY which woke up a lot of rappers and I can't want to hear what they have to say. Check it out! I think it's hot


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Usher in the ICU

Man is it me or do the children that belong to Tameka Raymond don't have luck when it comes to being in the water? From losing her oldest son earlier to a water skiing accident to on of her youngest boys being put in the ICU earlier this week. Usher V was hanging around with daddy when he made his way to the pool and fell in. Usher's sister pulled him out and made a frantic 911 call. Why was Usher V around the pool unsupervised? I'm sure this and may other questions will be asked and answered privately between the two, the police and a judge.

Tameka Raymond has since then filed for full custody of the boys since she said "Usher is gone 85% of the time per month"  All I can say is damn... my best wishes for the entire family!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bling Ring Reality

So this new movie comping out staring Emma Roberts follows a tale of teenage girls who go into celebrity houses and steal their cloths, jewelry and so on. This story is TRUE because it's based on Paris Hilton whose home has been burglarized a couple times since 2008.

In recent events aka SUNDAY Aug 4th..This happened again as she was throwing a going away party for a friend. Paris quoted :" I have bad luck when it comes to thieves" ... These girls were stopped before they could get into their cars. Apparently they had tons of Paris Hilton bags that aren't released yet and some clothing items.... 

Want to know what I say? STOP throwing parties and allowing EVERYONE in that you don't know! That should cut down your "burglaries".. OR if you do throw a shindig  how about you have some areas blocked off, or in a room with an alarm.... just a few ideas I would install if I was Hilton..

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bieber aka Hulk?!?

Well the Biebs is at it again!!!!!Bieber was allegedly the reason for a brawl that took place at a night club in the Hamptons this past weekend. And this brawl shed quite a bit of blood.  According to the New York Daily News, Bieber and his entourage arrived at the South Pointe nightclub around 2 a.m., and took over the VIP Section. 

Not to long  after the Biebs arrival, a female tried to talk to him. What's wrong with this? Well that sparked the attention of a female companion that was with the Beiebs. Because of this it resulted in a heated exchange between the Beibs "friend" and the fan. Bieber was seen ripping his shirt off, screaming, and "went nuts" according to a witness. 

Bieber's security took him to the parking lot, which is when the brawl continued in the club.  As of Sunday, the club's staff was in the process of reviewing security footage to determine what happened. 

And of course when more comes out I'll be sure to post it.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home Wrecker?

Simon Cowell is rich, has it all! Except a woman of his own and a family. When asked years ago if he would have children he replied with "God no I can't handle children" well when you get older some things start to change. So now he's been dating linking him to the sexy Carmen Electra, but apparently he likes his women a little bit more tied.... and by tied I mean women who are already in a relationship!

Cowell is being accused of breaking up not only a marriage but a marriage of whom he is friends with the husband.... Great friend right? NOT only did he take part in committing adultery with Lauren Silverman shown above, but his friends wife is said to be knocked up by Cowell himself.. Even creepier.

Pic above is Simon and his ex Carmen Electra on a yacht with Silverman and her husband. Rumors says that Lauren has been trying to get a divorce for quiet some time and her husband wont comply.. So is this her way of trying to get out for sure? What does Cowell have to say at this point? "No comment"

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tamed the Beast!

So for my Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta watchers you all know the infamous Stevie J and Joseline. On the episode before last Joseline proposed to Stevie J and he nonchalantly accepted. But then on the last episode Stevie said yes BUT also gave a ring to his baby mama Mimi!!Well after Joseline stormed out and beat the mess out of Stevie J... I think she knocked some sense into him, well at least for the time being!

This left us LHHATL fans in the winds wanting to know what happened!! Well looks like those two really are married and that is confirmed by Stevie J!!!!

Now some of you who watch the show wonder why Joseline doesn't get rid of him and move on.... Well according to some court documents that were released on accident, Stevie get a HUGE cut of Joeslines money as her manager!! and when I say huge I mean over 90%!!! and all he has to do is pay her up keep aka hair and all that, rent and travel expenses!! She should have read the contract... in full before signing...

Soo Congrats?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Do I Write?

Night before last I was speaking with a friend. Him and I were engaged in a conversation for 5 hours. He's writing this screen play and wanted to read it to me and bounce some ideas off my good ol noggin. In the mist of talking he asked "why do you write?" and "how can you create stories that draw people in?"

Well I answered these questions and then more came about so this took about an hour and a half of our five hour conversation. I wont put it all on paper instead I will let you read this comment I received on my other blog for Lovett Publishing :

I write for those reasons, to help people, to inspire and to let them know that they are NOT alone. That we all as people have struggles and we need to use them to better our self. Perfect example, Kevin Hart, been through hell but those people he met, those experiences he went through turned into jokes. Now he's able to allow us in while we "Laugh at his pain". My journey causes those to be reeled in and feel like they are apart of me because we have similarities. If I can touch just one person with each post whether it be making them laugh, realize their situation, or give them strength then I fulfilled my reason for writing and my love for my craft is at it's best. With each posting and comment positive and negative, I'm reaching people and knowing that makes me smile.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Childhood was Awesome

TV and Games now suck! Might be harsh but it's the truth. One of my exes little sisters had NO idea what "The Jetsons" were and looked at me like I was from outer space! So here is why my childhood was awesome...

We played outside!:

Red Rover 

Hide and Seek! or Ghost in the Graveyard

 My Favorite! Kick the Can!

Now if we wanna talk game counsels... I got you on that, matter of fact I STILL HAVE THIS!: 

As for TV if WE even stayed inside to play we watched some of the following: 

 I'm just saying... you can't touch quality fun and tv shows! Now everyone on TV is having sex, a whore, has a baby, drinks, smokes and does God knows what...I feel bad for the ones growing up watching what's on TV now and being glued to their phones and ipads.