Monday, December 17, 2012

That Irritable Time Bomb

There comes a time in ALL of our lives when we become a ticking time bomb. We start out nice, understanding and patient. But then you always come across that ONE person who can ruin and take advantage of your niceness. Am I right? So what happens to those
people who smile and try to be positive? from a collection of asking friends, strangers, family and personal experience I came up with the most common answers in the following situations.

Many of us want one, some want to stay away and little girls grow up wanting that prince charming. This can go either way, the man or woman in the relationship will be nice, forgiving overlook plenty of things that may bother them and make them think twice about their relationship. Soon the partner knows what they can get away with and.... (guess what happens!) THEY KEEP DOING IT! Soon they are able to do certain things and the other person will be scolded for doing the same actions. This is more common than normal. Bad thing about this is that one person soon starts to veer off and question on if this relationship will work despite the "love" they might feel & typically end the relationship.

There's always that ONE co-worker who takes ideas and secretly sales it as their own. The new person to the group is innocent and naive to the situations at hand because they are simply trying to fit in. What happens in this situation? Well soon that nice guy/gal turns into the Hulk becomes a dick or bitch (whatever term you would prefer to use) and starts to really shake things up in the office. Bad thing about this is that the new person will be fired because the boss will usually see the back end of things and not the whole picture; classic case of peer pressure.

This one is tricky and the most common. You have that parent, cousin, sibling, aunt or uncle who are all smiles and usually wants something. Whether it be listening to a drunken conversational topic you've heard a million times, to borrowing only $5 for the 30th time, to even keeping dirty secrets that backfire on the ear lender. Not much you can do about this category unless you decide to cut off your family members. Bad thing about being stuck as the nice guy in your family is that you will always be considered that and be taken advantage of; sooner or later you will lash out and ruin those family bonds.

Being a irritable time bomb is no fun I've been that before and when I exploded it wasn't pretty. To manage that I cut off plenty of people found my me time. Now I'll be honest I've lost that me time and I'm slowly going back to that ticking bomb, this time I know what to do to avoid that and avoid hurting peoples feelings (see I can have a heart at times :D)

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