Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Season! Where's the Cheer?

THANKSGIVING is right around the corner!! Yet stores are already putting up Christmas stuff and dismissing Thanksgiving all in one. People are getting their knee pads ready for black Friday sales, and already know when they are going to wake up and where they are going to hit. Instead of focusing on getting meals prepared and thanking God for what they are thankful for.

Soon after the feast is over, we take a quick power nap and then think about Christmas! A majority of people think about the presents, and how much money they have to spend. While others like me cherish this time and the people who they kept close. Kids are excited for Santa, mom is preparing the snacks she will leave out, dad is working twice as hard to make sure the kids get a great Christmas yet again. All for the superficial, give me this and that nature. Forgetting that Christmas is about Christ and not us, forgetting that Christmas is the  time to spend with family and not just to enjoy the material things.

Then the year is over.  We all sit and think back on the good times this past year had brought us, and slowly laugh at the pain that traveled our way. Before we know it, we are finding someone to kiss at midnight. Then our year starts all over again in 2013. In the beginning we have hope and make goals aka resolutions that we all tend to forget and dismiss around February.

Why? To start the whole tradition all over again. 

Where did the true meaning of the holiday season go? The family time spent, listening to music, talking, watching parades on television and breathing in the brisk air while genuinely feeling happy?  As years went by it's been replaced by buying off our loved ones instead of telling them you love them. Now we want instead of enjoy the basic necessities. We've been commercialized.

This year (even though it was never far from me) I plan on restoring those values. This holiday season is a blessing and has brought so much since last season. I have nothing but gratefulness in my heart, prayers that will continue to be said, and  a big smile to be worn.