Friday, October 5, 2012

Too Broken to Fix?


I for one am NO expert nor can I give advie, because to be honest I have no clue what to do. All I can speak on is experience from myself, friends and family situations. With that being said, it brings on the reason for this blog "To Broken to Fix?"

Some people have the tendency to stay in situations or relationships when there is WAY to much damage done to be fixed. There is ALWAYS one person in the relationship who see's no problem with the major issues and doesn't understand why the other person might hold on and put that guard up.  Speaking with many people about this, family, friends even co workers I wanted to get a really good reasoning for why this happens. Here is what it came down to.

Guard up responses: 

"When a situation happens on more than one occasion, people in general tend to have a guard and want to wait and see if things really change or not." -friend

"I had my guard up in one relationship and wouldn't let go because I was stuck on the "Possibility" of it getting better, and it never did."- co-worker

"You want to trust, but for some reason you can't. All that has been done and continues to be done in my eyes won't make up for the hurt and pain it caused prior." -family member 

No Problem responses:

"Well, if it's truly in the past and doesn't happen again why should it be an issue?" family member

"Somethings need to be worked out and when one person honestly believes that it's done and over with they will think it's ok and move on. Most of the time the other person isn't over it." co-worker

"If you avoid the issue sooner or later it should disappear." -friend 

To be honest, I like all these answers. There's truth in all of them and faults in some. Either way, this let me know how some people think. Now maybe you think similar or have a different thought or response.

If you are in this situation and have plenty of questions, one place to avoid is going to FRIENDS! You will always have that one who wants you to be single and miserable like them, and then you'll have one who wants you to stay no matter the circumstances. Take time and if you pray then do that. YOU are the only one who can fix what's not making you happy not your significant other or friends or your family.

Are things really to broken to be fixed? Is there always something to do to "rekindle" or "relight the flame" that was lost? Or is it just a lost cause and people should cut their loses before it really gets ugly? It's hard to say especially when you're in that situation. You may not want to hurt the other person or hell you may even hold on to the "possibility" versus reality.

Whatever you choose best of luck in this life changing decision. Just avoid waiting to long, you don't want to lose yourself by protecting something that isn't working.

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