Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Really? Is That How You Feel???

MAN! Is it just me, or are people REALLY into their emotions lately? Maybe it's because of the season, you know political and fall seasons. This time of year our social networking sites are full of political rants a raves and people swearing they know the God honest truth about EACH candidate. THEN you have the fall, which in some states brings bleak skies and cold temperatures, therefore making people grumpy, rude and well.. just flat out BITCHY!

So Tell me how you really feel is my personal take on Facebook statuses that have to do with back stabbers and sneaky people. This seems to be filling up my news feed!! My thoughts on this is because people's true colors come out at this time of year! It's cold some people are lonely and start talking WAY more than they should and usually air out a few skeletons of theirs and their buddies. Soon all that comes BACK and SHABAM! DRAMA CENTER ALERT! Now you have people breaking up with their boyfriends and BFF's and You slept with Johnny yadda yadda yadda; UGH it's exhausting.

I would love it if Facebook could be a happy non judgmental place where people can actually come to talk and keep in touch. INSTEAD it's about liking "I LOVE BOOBIES" or "FREAKS ONLY" pages, talking about your co-worker and bosses, using ridiculous: "IHTSBSOABHCKMA" #hadenough instead of simply typing out : "I hate that slime bag son of a bitch, he can kiss my ass".. not everyone knows what each letter means

So tell me, WHY is it OK to air out all your business to the entire world, but yet act surprised when people are actually in it?

I'll tell you how I really feel so it doesn't seem like I'm picking on people:
and I apologize for anyone who would read this and think 100x more into each little word than it's supposed to be. I have plenty of people who read these blogs, and some of them actually think it's about them (DESPITE MY EXAMPLES THAT DON'T CONCERN NOR DESCRIBE THEM).. irritating...

So please by all means, tell me how you really feel; since reading it online is never enough.

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