Thursday, October 4, 2012

People Are Watching...Step it up!

I was out at lunch today, just walking through Carrs looking for a great salad. I hear someone talking this mother and daughter and I see the little girl look my way. The mother was smiling and trying to push her daughter towards me. Her daughter bright smile and wide eyed was nervous a little shaky but then made her way in my direction.

"Excuse me." I turned around and smiled at her, looked up briefly at her mom who was waving and grinning ear to ear at me.
"Hey there, what's going on?" I asked, she looked back at her mom and quickly turned around.
"You're Ebony Williams right? The one from TV?"
I nodded my head and said "yes"
"Well, My name is Amya I'm 11 and I just wanted to say that I love you and you have inspired me to become a weather girl too!"
I looked at her and smiled, didn't know what to say because she was 11 and I did that about 2 years ago; so I was a little shocked and flattered. Her mother than came to me and said:
"She's been following your footsteps, loved you on TV, then to that one radio station and now ...." "KFAT" (the little girl busted out) "Yes KFAT, and she also begged me to buy your book."
I sat there just in amazement at this woman and her darling daughter. Lost in words for once I was taken by surprise and smacked in the face with humility.
"MOM! I have it in the car can I please go get it so she can sign it!?" She was so anxious and full of life, I love to see children that way.
"Of course!" Then her mother looked at me and whispered "do you mind?"
"Of course not, I'll wait."

Sitting there talking with her mother and waiting for the little girl to come back I learned so much about these two and myself. Some people might say "DUH" to this but I realized that I have power and influence on these young girls, kids period, people my age and hell some older. I know that I need to step up to the plate and either tag team with someone or start something that helps shape our young, brilliant minded children; especially our young ladies.

Running into this little girl and her mother was not only great for them but also for me. This let me know that HEY people are watching, some are actually in your corner and want you to do well and achieve all that you aspire to achieve. You just have to stick with your heart and do it.

That is my next step up here in Alaska. I'm  at a level to where I can give back with enough of me, with all that I have learned and are continuing to learn. There's enough knowledge in my noggin to share and help those wide eyed little ones.

Time to step it up.
They are watching....
Are you ready?

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