Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fight Through The "NO"

Yeah, that ugly two letter word we all hate!!! 

Some people want many things in life, and don't work for it. A lot of people in this world don't work as hard as others because they have ties or mommy and daddy or my favorite MONEY! So it makes us normal people who work hard. blood sweat and tears hard; have to work 10x more to even get our foot in the door.

It's unfair and down right rude that's why some people give up! SOME have the mindset that there's no need to go for it because someone will always get there before me, someone will always be ahead of the game!

Let me tell you something, things that are meant to last don't GET HANDED to people. DREAMS that are meant to happen and be successful aren't going to those who call mommy and daddy and rely on their money. GOALS that are meant to be reached wont be satisfied by someone who didn't sweat for it.

There is NO LONG TERM SATISFACTION for the people who are spoiled. They rely on the money and other people to make things happen. They are weak and not self aware let alone independent enough to keep the ball rolling. Hence the celebrity break downs among those who get things handed to them, the career flops and so on. Take away those ties and cash, and you'll be left with a self loathing, cry baby who can barely wipe their own ass.

When you try and go for a goal, don't be mad at all the NO'S you WILL receive. Instead look at those No's as a blessing. That means, what ever company you are trying to be noticed by isn't the right fit. There is a yes down the line, you just have to have the drive, determination  mind set, and STRENGTH to find it. There will be a shit load of No's that will come your way. SIMPLY because you are not ready! Then you will hit a maybe one or two maybe a few more; which will let you know you are almost there. Then when you have grown, and accepted and defeated NO you will walk through an unsuspecting door of yes.

So stop thinking you're entitled to something because you have knowledge about it and been doing it for awhile. STOP thinking the world owes you, please for the love of humanity STOP blaming people, getting snippy and whinny;and last but not least STOP looking at others and expecting to have the same outcome.

Everyone journey is different.

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