Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fight Through The "NO"

Yeah, that ugly two letter word we all hate!!! 

Some people want many things in life, and don't work for it. A lot of people in this world don't work as hard as others because they have ties or mommy and daddy or my favorite MONEY! So it makes us normal people who work hard. blood sweat and tears hard; have to work 10x more to even get our foot in the door.

It's unfair and down right rude that's why some people give up! SOME have the mindset that there's no need to go for it because someone will always get there before me, someone will always be ahead of the game!

Let me tell you something, things that are meant to last don't GET HANDED to people. DREAMS that are meant to happen and be successful aren't going to those who call mommy and daddy and rely on their money. GOALS that are meant to be reached wont be satisfied by someone who didn't sweat for it.

There is NO LONG TERM SATISFACTION for the people who are spoiled. They rely on the money and other people to make things happen. They are weak and not self aware let alone independent enough to keep the ball rolling. Hence the celebrity break downs among those who get things handed to them, the career flops and so on. Take away those ties and cash, and you'll be left with a self loathing, cry baby who can barely wipe their own ass.

When you try and go for a goal, don't be mad at all the NO'S you WILL receive. Instead look at those No's as a blessing. That means, what ever company you are trying to be noticed by isn't the right fit. There is a yes down the line, you just have to have the drive, determination  mind set, and STRENGTH to find it. There will be a shit load of No's that will come your way. SIMPLY because you are not ready! Then you will hit a maybe one or two maybe a few more; which will let you know you are almost there. Then when you have grown, and accepted and defeated NO you will walk through an unsuspecting door of yes.

So stop thinking you're entitled to something because you have knowledge about it and been doing it for awhile. STOP thinking the world owes you, please for the love of humanity STOP blaming people, getting snippy and whinny;and last but not least STOP looking at others and expecting to have the same outcome.

Everyone journey is different.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let Them Play...

Pageants....... Sigh 

Beauty pageants..... they are everywhere and seem to be the main attraction in Texas! Young girls put into pageants to be judged on beauty and what they know. How can they judge little girls on knowledge when most of them can hardly spell? The amount of time parents put into their kids for them to be able to do pageants is amazing! Makes me wonder, is this really for your little princess? Or is this some dream you weren't able to live?

Many parents put their kids through it for themselves and sooner or later when the child grows up it becomes something they want to be because it's all they know. On one episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, there was this one pageant child who told her mom that she didn't want to do it, she was 3 at the time. Her mother replied with "well you have no choice." Is that really what we are teaching our young girls? That LIFE itself is a pageant? and  being the one with the best shell, false smile, fake hair and will win? IN most cases this is true depending on what industry you enter in. WHAT is not showcased in these pageants is that EDUCATION plus beauty can take you to higher places than just being someones eye candy.

Ups & Downs

The ups on putting your child through pageants is giving them a chance to be creative, interact with other young girls, learn competition, earn money (hopefully for school), and to be active. There probably are many more but these are the only pluses I see. 


The downs on child's pageants for me go as follows: make up caked on (hiding their true selves), tight clothes, and unwanted attention from predators! Like the most well known case of JonBenet Ramsey, an adorable pageant child who won numerous awards and pageants. She was found dead in her basement, case is still unsolved. God and the killer are the only ones who know what happened to this little girl. At these pageants there aren't guidelines on to who can enter. You never know if you're sitting next to a child predator who's praying on his next victim; this person can be MALE OR FEMALE! Or if that judge at the table is doing unspeakable things with your child while the curtains are down. It's an open field and play ground for anyone to step their foot on. Exploiting your child in bikini;'s, makeup, teaching them to switch their hips and flaunt everything they have around stage is ridiculous. 

These babies don't know any better, they are just kids. Having to be transformed into a woman on stage is normal to them. Sure many would argue about poise and grace and all that good stuff, but the truth of the matter is, you never know who will or might follow you home. You never know who is a predator until your little princess is treated like a grown woman. The grown woman you turn her into when she's on stage. 

I don't understand. Maybe I would be pro-pageant IF they allowed the kids to be judged on how they really are. By that I mean, looks no make up, let them dress themselves, pick their own talents and so forth. Let them be a child on stage, the child they are meant to be at that point in their lives. Maybe if that would happen, I would agree, until then this is where I stand and how I feel. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shits for Giggles.. Don't Cross Here Deer!!!

Originally I wasn't going to write a blog BUT I saw this video that made me want to post it and share! The things some people believe and actually think is just amazing! Listen to how this lady truly believes that deer know and comprehend deer crossing signs..

Thank you Amy James for this great laugh

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Story of Rose

Sitting patiently, waiting to be picked
Watching everyone around it surface
"This one is prettier" some say
"This one is the right color" some explained
So the rose just sits.... sits.... sits and wait
For her day that she will soon be picked

Untouched, pedals in place, stem as strong as a rhino horn
This rose battles through all types of weather
Lasting through 8 seasons it stands strong
All the other ones that weren't picked slowly died off
2 years and counting she sits and waits
Soon someone comes she thinks she found her mate

He looks perfect, smiled with ease
Voice so soothing the rose could feel his heart beat
Finally she gets picked
Held tightly in his arms, his grasp like no other
She reached her new home and her pedals open wide
Soon to find out, it was greener on the outside

Waiting so many years and yet satisfied with the pick
This house isn't so lovely because the woman is sick
Sitting on her death bed the rose stood by her side
It could be anyday now when our lady could die

The rose sat there and wondered "what about I? what would happen if this lady should die?"
.So she pondered by herself week after week
Soon the machines that stood tall next to her made a weird beep
the rose stood tall worried as people rushed in
Guys with metal hands yelled "clear" and ladies with sharp syringes came near

Soon her man, her knight and shinning armor stood in the doorway
His eyes filled with water and his body began to shake
Realizing the person he bought the rose for is in a better place.
He sat on the bed rubbing the sheets
Looked at the rose and started to speak

As my pedals began to fall my steam began to weaken
now I was feeling weak in this cold winter season
he held me while he sat on the bed
said he loved her and can't believe shes dead
he slowly lifted up and rubbed his eyes
looking at me so weak and fragile
it was now my time to die.

A poem I thought of.. just because.... Hope you enjoyed :) back to random antics tomorrow

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Really? Is That How You Feel???

MAN! Is it just me, or are people REALLY into their emotions lately? Maybe it's because of the season, you know political and fall seasons. This time of year our social networking sites are full of political rants a raves and people swearing they know the God honest truth about EACH candidate. THEN you have the fall, which in some states brings bleak skies and cold temperatures, therefore making people grumpy, rude and well.. just flat out BITCHY!

So Tell me how you really feel is my personal take on Facebook statuses that have to do with back stabbers and sneaky people. This seems to be filling up my news feed!! My thoughts on this is because people's true colors come out at this time of year! It's cold some people are lonely and start talking WAY more than they should and usually air out a few skeletons of theirs and their buddies. Soon all that comes BACK and SHABAM! DRAMA CENTER ALERT! Now you have people breaking up with their boyfriends and BFF's and You slept with Johnny yadda yadda yadda; UGH it's exhausting.

I would love it if Facebook could be a happy non judgmental place where people can actually come to talk and keep in touch. INSTEAD it's about liking "I LOVE BOOBIES" or "FREAKS ONLY" pages, talking about your co-worker and bosses, using ridiculous: "IHTSBSOABHCKMA" #hadenough instead of simply typing out : "I hate that slime bag son of a bitch, he can kiss my ass".. not everyone knows what each letter means

So tell me, WHY is it OK to air out all your business to the entire world, but yet act surprised when people are actually in it?

I'll tell you how I really feel so it doesn't seem like I'm picking on people:
and I apologize for anyone who would read this and think 100x more into each little word than it's supposed to be. I have plenty of people who read these blogs, and some of them actually think it's about them (DESPITE MY EXAMPLES THAT DON'T CONCERN NOR DESCRIBE THEM).. irritating...

So please by all means, tell me how you really feel; since reading it online is never enough.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Too Broken to Fix?


I for one am NO expert nor can I give advie, because to be honest I have no clue what to do. All I can speak on is experience from myself, friends and family situations. With that being said, it brings on the reason for this blog "To Broken to Fix?"

Some people have the tendency to stay in situations or relationships when there is WAY to much damage done to be fixed. There is ALWAYS one person in the relationship who see's no problem with the major issues and doesn't understand why the other person might hold on and put that guard up.  Speaking with many people about this, family, friends even co workers I wanted to get a really good reasoning for why this happens. Here is what it came down to.

Guard up responses: 

"When a situation happens on more than one occasion, people in general tend to have a guard and want to wait and see if things really change or not." -friend

"I had my guard up in one relationship and wouldn't let go because I was stuck on the "Possibility" of it getting better, and it never did."- co-worker

"You want to trust, but for some reason you can't. All that has been done and continues to be done in my eyes won't make up for the hurt and pain it caused prior." -family member 

No Problem responses:

"Well, if it's truly in the past and doesn't happen again why should it be an issue?" family member

"Somethings need to be worked out and when one person honestly believes that it's done and over with they will think it's ok and move on. Most of the time the other person isn't over it." co-worker

"If you avoid the issue sooner or later it should disappear." -friend 

To be honest, I like all these answers. There's truth in all of them and faults in some. Either way, this let me know how some people think. Now maybe you think similar or have a different thought or response.

If you are in this situation and have plenty of questions, one place to avoid is going to FRIENDS! You will always have that one who wants you to be single and miserable like them, and then you'll have one who wants you to stay no matter the circumstances. Take time and if you pray then do that. YOU are the only one who can fix what's not making you happy not your significant other or friends or your family.

Are things really to broken to be fixed? Is there always something to do to "rekindle" or "relight the flame" that was lost? Or is it just a lost cause and people should cut their loses before it really gets ugly? It's hard to say especially when you're in that situation. You may not want to hurt the other person or hell you may even hold on to the "possibility" versus reality.

Whatever you choose best of luck in this life changing decision. Just avoid waiting to long, you don't want to lose yourself by protecting something that isn't working.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

People Are Watching...Step it up!

I was out at lunch today, just walking through Carrs looking for a great salad. I hear someone talking this mother and daughter and I see the little girl look my way. The mother was smiling and trying to push her daughter towards me. Her daughter bright smile and wide eyed was nervous a little shaky but then made her way in my direction.

"Excuse me." I turned around and smiled at her, looked up briefly at her mom who was waving and grinning ear to ear at me.
"Hey there, what's going on?" I asked, she looked back at her mom and quickly turned around.
"You're Ebony Williams right? The one from TV?"
I nodded my head and said "yes"
"Well, My name is Amya I'm 11 and I just wanted to say that I love you and you have inspired me to become a weather girl too!"
I looked at her and smiled, didn't know what to say because she was 11 and I did that about 2 years ago; so I was a little shocked and flattered. Her mother than came to me and said:
"She's been following your footsteps, loved you on TV, then to that one radio station and now ...." "KFAT" (the little girl busted out) "Yes KFAT, and she also begged me to buy your book."
I sat there just in amazement at this woman and her darling daughter. Lost in words for once I was taken by surprise and smacked in the face with humility.
"MOM! I have it in the car can I please go get it so she can sign it!?" She was so anxious and full of life, I love to see children that way.
"Of course!" Then her mother looked at me and whispered "do you mind?"
"Of course not, I'll wait."

Sitting there talking with her mother and waiting for the little girl to come back I learned so much about these two and myself. Some people might say "DUH" to this but I realized that I have power and influence on these young girls, kids period, people my age and hell some older. I know that I need to step up to the plate and either tag team with someone or start something that helps shape our young, brilliant minded children; especially our young ladies.

Running into this little girl and her mother was not only great for them but also for me. This let me know that HEY people are watching, some are actually in your corner and want you to do well and achieve all that you aspire to achieve. You just have to stick with your heart and do it.

That is my next step up here in Alaska. I'm  at a level to where I can give back with enough of me, with all that I have learned and are continuing to learn. There's enough knowledge in my noggin to share and help those wide eyed little ones.

Time to step it up.
They are watching....
Are you ready?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Friends Helping Friends!


Hope you guys are having a fantastic Tuesday!! This blog is about friends helping friends! And when you have a big network or building one, everyone can use a shout out! Right? Whether you're an upcoming business, musician, dancer, artist of any sort etc. This blog goes out to a specific friend and what she is doing that is absolutely phenomenal.


Karissa is an amazing person with an even bigger voice! From ALASKA to BALTIMORE she is making moves that not only help her, but she's also reaching out to help better Baltimore. Will you help? Check her out at watch the video for more information :) You go girl!

** I've already donated, and will donate more come $ day. I'm all for supporting great causes especially when people I know are pushing as well.