Friday, September 28, 2012

Locked In Your Own Thoughts

Let's face it, we all have it, do it, think it at some point in time. I'm referring to over thinking and allowing ourselves to be trapped in our own thoughts. Our mind is great, but it can also be deadly at the same time. I for one  am an over thinker. I'm a Pisces and a very literal person. Words mean more to me than actions, why? Well for me all a man has is his word, if that's not reliable what's the point on waiting to see their actions? (makes sense to me)

The good thing about this is that it allows me to think, and get things clear before I actually go through with something. The BAD thing about my thought process is that while I"m thinking about something I have the tendency to sometimes miss the joy out of things, because I'm weighing the pros and cons. I use myself a lot in my blogs because I know for a fact I'm not the only one with a certain type of emotion and thought process. People don't like to speak  on themselves because they don't want to face the reality WELL WAKE UP! THIS BLOG IS A SMACK IN THE FACE WITH REALITY!! :-D

Why do we over think? Why can't we just go with the flow without a care in the world? What happened to loving and trusting one another? Granted that when we do someone ends up missing or on the front page of the news paper. PEOPLE are crazy! We now are so guarded we can't trust those who "love" us. society is twisted and has way more mood swings than any other thing known to man.

Locked in our own thoughts. Is this good or bad?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Sly Little Kitten You!

FASHION! Rules the world pretty much. Doesn't matter what your style is, everyone wears clothes and has some type of favorite brand.

Mine just so happens to be Fashion Designer Natasha Sample with NES Fashions check her out! Shes been in Seattle's Fashion week and even got an invitation for Canada's and Austraila's shes on the up and up! And my Alaskans she is from ALASKA! and shes my sister so she's 10x more awesome! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

What Makes You B E A utiful.

Hollywood tells us we need to be a size 0 in order to be beautiful. In magazines, on TV, in movies, it's everywhere. Thin is supposedly in and anything else other than that is down right obscure, fat and gross.

Human Barbie 
 From the 30's to now it went from thick to extremely thin as gorgeous! Why? Women now are going through such extreme measures to become that eye candy beauty that is only thought of and photoshopped. Take Valeria Lukyanova, a Russian model who went to the extremes to look like Barbie.  And NO this is not a maniquen, or a really great drawing. This is what she looks like. Why? She says it's beautiful. Not only must she be starving and the amounts of surgery it takes to look like this is ridiculous! But then again, this is what's broadcast as beautiful. It's slowly brain washing people to think so.

What Makes you Beautiful is not just the outside (for all my superficial people) but it's also what's on the inside. In Hollywood sure it helps to be skinny and starving so that you'll avoid the looks and comments from critics. They make is seem like being thin is in and is the best  life choice. I must say to workout as much as someone would have to, eat a certain way and get plenty of fluids and rest it takes to be thin is exhausting and pretty much a second job.Celebrities now are getting into shape but most of them are forgoing the harsh diets and embracing their curves, bellys, thighs etc. More and more we're seeing our once super thin celebs like Christina Aguilera and Demi Lavato Britney Spears embracing the pounds they naturally put on and shaping themselves in a great way.

Personally I think being full figured is more beautiful than being a stick and seeing ribs. Not only is it not healthy but I know more full figured women who love themselves and are happier than my friends who diet all the time and workout 7 days a week.

Stop being so superficial and sensitive. Say fuck you to what the media portrays as beautiful and say hello to what feels right and makes you smile. Don't be afraid to eat that cookie or have a slice of cake, go a day without counting calories or working out. Take a break you deserve it and honestly it's over due. Now don't confuse my words for being HEALTHY with being OBESE. It's a shame that most of america sees over a size 6 as obese even if that person is in good shape.

What Makes You Beautiful, is exactly that YOU. Take it in and except yourself then go about your days.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Kind of Love

We all have someone in our lives whether it be a family member, close friend, or significant other that we absolutely love to death! What happens when your love is shunned away all because your mom or friend or girlfriend has an issue? Alcohol? Drugs? or what about an addiction? What if every time that person you love changes into a monster when on something? What will you do?

For those who love hard and won't give up, they will stick around and wait it out. For those who are afraid and aren't sure just might head for the hills. Which one are you? It's ok to say fuck it and bounce, and it's also ok to stay and wait it out, try to be supportive. For me I tried a little of both. I ran for the hills once but came back because I knew I could help. Now I'm in a position to run forever or help out what could be a forever. I choose to help because it's in my heart, and God is in my ear to be patient and kind. So I'm doing a little of both now, heading for the hills but still helping from a distance to see what happens. 

I'm not the type to give up on something I know could work and will if it's meant to be. I could listen to those who are single and will be more than willing to have me that way and in pain all because they are miserable. Or I can listen to those who are happily married, hear the trials and tribulations and understand what needs to be done and not to make a situation better. I choose to listen to those who are happy and know what they are speaking on unlike the other group. 

In the mean time, helping out doesn't mean you are going to get hurt, it means you are big enough to fight for what you want; and for me I always get what my heart desires. Keep in mind, you can't help someone who doesn't want it, so if you try and they aren't willing to better themselves, then let it go.. Time can only tell the truth..