Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Don't Need to Workout You're Skinny!!

It's Everywhere! No not sex, working out! Sexy pictures roaming through Facebook of females in lingerie carrying weights, and sweaty men with a chiseled chest and to die for abs. The First Lady has been trying to make our school systems healthy and getting kids more active. More celebrities are advertising water commercials and sports drinks. Self & Shape Magazine has recent stars like Demi Lavato and Jordin Sparks who were pretty hefty and now in decent shape looking healthy and happy! They both said they have incredible amounts of energy and feel really good about themselves (and guess what! They only workout 3-4times a week).

So for those who think the gym is for people who want to be skinny and starve themselves.. shut up. please and thank you! Now you might be saying Ebony why so harsh? I workout 5 days a week and sometimes 6. I always get the you don't need to work out you're skinny (which I am not and proud about that), then they joke on how they need to go to the gym and start laughing... I'm not out of shape, or obese or anything along that matter. BUT there was a point in time when I was over 190lbs thanks to a previous relationship. Before I gained that weight I was at 145lbs. Why did I work out?? Well I'm  naturally athletic, always have been in sports and after high school I kept it up. Then I got caught up in someone else instead of myself and BOOOM I blew up! After that I realized I lost who I was, felt kind of miserable and needed to get back to the old me. I went straight to the gym and began my workouts, in a matter of months I dropped 20lbs. Now a couple years later I'm at a solid 160lbs and loving it. Still have some meat, my shape is defined, I still have a little jiggle which I love and I can run my mile in under 7 minutes again.


The gym is a great stress reliever. Hell you don't even have to run all day and lift weights or have to be in the gym for hours at a time to feel good. My girlfriend lost tons of lbs just by doing kick boxing twice a week. Get some of that stress off of you, and kick something, dance it off run or even walk. It's not just about getting "skinny" as some say, it's mainly about living longer and loving yourself. Not all of us are supposed to be skinny and slim. Majority of people are thick and big boned there is nothing wrong with that by any means. I know girls who are bigger than me but in really great shape and can out run me. When you're comfortable with yourself, feel great every morning, don't feel guilty by indulging, and having fun everyday; I say you mastered being happy within yourself. For me apart of that is the gym. It's my escape, my therapy and honestly helps me look pretty damn good. (hey I work hard at it, I'm allowed to love the way I look) 

On the other hand, I know plenty of people who don't workout, are obese and eat whatever whenever they want, and they are still very happy. That's great and I  love them just the same, it just breaks my heart to see them in pain, can't breathe, have sudden health issues, get tired so quick and don't want to do certain activities. Not everyone needs to go to the gym to feel better, but living life is pretty awesome and I would like to live it to the fullest; thanks to the gym I believe I can live it longer.

Skinny People Get Crap For Working-out Too! 

Skinny people have it just as hard in the gym as heavier set people. If you are one of the two body types, you will get looked at by someone who is most likely judging you. I used to work with a young lady, very cute and petite (when I say petite she has to be like 5'4" and weighed maybe 110lbs) Her and I were talking about working out because she is crazy about the gym like I am. She said when going to a gym like Planet Fitness she would always get stared at because she was the only skinny girl in there, and she felt as if she wasn't welcome therefore causing her to cancel her membership.  Makes perfect sense to me, I know other guys and gals who say the same thing. SO! Guess what, whether you are skinny, big, in the middle, purple or yellow doesn't matter, you're always going to be judged by someone in the gym. My advice, if you want to complete whatever goals you have put in those head phones and make the gym your bit**! 

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