Friday, August 31, 2012


The beautiful thing about living in America is the amounts of people with different views, beliefs, religions, politics and most importantly nationalities. With the amount of racism that still exists in America today it amazes me that some people don't understand that this land was taken from immigrants in the first place. Through out the years plenty of people and villages have claimed the Land of the Free as their home.

Alaska has turned into one of the most diverse places to live. Many Africans, Orientals, Pacific Islanders, and Caribbean Islanders call this place home. When I was growing up here, only one part of town was "ethnic" and the others weren't; now where ever you drive or walk  you will see a little bit of everything. I love going to malls and down town walking around and hearing the many accents, seeing different wardrobes and watching little shops from Russia, Africa, Jamaica, Dominican Republic etc come up; form the food to clothes it's something great to see.There's a little sense of the world and understanding coming to Alaska, and it's making this place even more beautiful than just land. It's unique in many ways thanks to the people that are migrating to it adding a little flare to the 49th state.

Pride isn't just about loving your country, nationality or family. Pride comes in many forms from clothing, understanding, religious views and knowledge. We all know that there are many people who are not so accepting to change and different peoples nationalities. When asked what I was, I would always say Trinidadian because it's true. Then I would get oh so you're like Jamaican? For me that's very disrespectful, Puerto Rican's and Dominican's don't like to be called Mexican; Japanese don't like to be called Chinese and vice versa when they are not. There is a difference even if they speak the same language. I would try not to get mad because I know that a lot of people are ignorant and don't understand the difference. In my heart, through my veins and in my family I'm aware of who I am and what makes me.

Today August 31st marks my country's 50th Anniversary for Independence; Trinidad and Tobago. An accomplishment that is highly celebrated and appreciated among those I know and those I'm getting to know. Happy Independence Day to all my Trinidadians around the world, lets celebrate.