Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Struggling Faith


The touchy subject that irks peoples nerves much like politics but in a touchier way. 
There's three types of people:

Saints- Your true believers, the Bible is the book to live by and nothing else. These people usually conform to one group of religion and possibly might think that all other types are insignificant to theirs i.e Christian, Baptist, Catholic and so forth.  OR what Webster says: any of certain persons of exceptional holiness of life, formally recognized as such by the Christian Church, especially by canonization.

Believers-  These group of people are the most common now a days. They believe in God or a higher power and understand that certain preaching's are real and others are kind of harsh. For example: they believe that being LGTB is not a choice verses the Bible which basically says that it is. BUT they still believe in God pray, understand but disagree. Another example, marriage is supposed to be until death does those two people apart. What if they get married and the woman or man is being physically and mentally abused on a daily basis? Divorce would seem like a GREAT way to live your life but then it is a sin.

Meh aka Atheists-  Not much to say here, they don't believe in God instead it's science or "Life just happened" way of thinking.

 Now some may argue that there are many more groups than these three, and you are RIGHT my intelligent grasshopper. These three categories are simply based on what I know and SEE on almost a daily basis. With that being said:

Which category do you fall in?

For those who know me, know that I am NOT ashamed to say what I'm about to say and share my beliefs. Growing up in a very different type of household, my mother is Catholic and my father is Baptist. Coming together they both agreed to allow us (my sister and I) choose our own religion. Both of their religions believe in God but how they go about it is completely different. Sooo!! ahem as I clear my throat and stretch my fingers, here we go into the mind of Ebony. 

What Group do I fall in? 

Meh, I can't lie, I'm a believer but not a saint and no where close to an Atheists. I believe in God, we speak to each other, I confess my sins and express my gratitude. I love him with all my heart and let him know that every day. BUT I don't agree with some things in the Bible and I don't agree with a lot of people in the Church, Divorce, being LG (not the T, because that is a choice you make to go to drastic measure to change your body or the B because that's just a confusion you want your cake and will eat it to, nothing wrong with that; but you're just confused none the less) Respect of elders and attitudes towards others. 

In a world full of hate, I would love if God could come down sometimes and straighten us out. Granted he gave us CHOICE, so what we do with the world is exactly what will come of it. God steps in in the form of our conscience and sends us angels. He's here, that little voice of reason aka that gut feeling that nagging that may represent itself in the form of our parents is God. He helps you make decisions he's there to help you choose right, you just have to trust that he will come and listen to when he does. For those other times when we need him to come down and take away our child murderers and rapists and he doesn't show; does make me mad and sad. All I can do is pray that God called upon them before whatever tragedy took it's course.  

 I don't crack open the Holy Book as much as I should and I don't single myself to a single form of religion and belief because I feel it would be unethical to me. I feel like I am a liar if I do this. Why? Well because I know what I believe, i just stated it above. I love him but some things I don't understand and don't see how it can be a sin. Do I question God? HELL NO! What he says is what he says but I do ask for understanding until that prayer is answered I will continue to be confused. 

 I can't say I'm Christian, Baptist, Catholic etc because I don't follow that life and I don't live up to the expectations. Many people ask me why don't I go to church. To be honest, Church (the building) hasn't found it's way into my heart yet. God and I have church every day. Getting help from others is def needed and at times I do but it's not consistent. 
I sin at times, I curse, think some bad thoughts and at times I wish bad on others (even though I catch myself and apologize) I drink, do some adult activities, I have tattoos, piercings, and scars. ALL of which are considered a sin because God doesn't want you to ruin his temple that he LOANED you. But I've done this anyway, did I know before hand that the tattoos and piercings were a sin?? NOPE not until AFTER The fact. But there is nothing I can do now but accept my choice and live with it.

Will I go to hell? Naw, I'm a believer and I'm sure in my due time I will find a more strict  religious path. As you live life and understand the journeys that are ahead, you're more prone to venture towards to him; I most likely am one of these people. 

A great pastor said this in one sermon: 

"Now a days people get Church confused. The church is the BODY of Christ. The BODY of Christ is us. Our TEMPLE is his BODY, our BODY is his BODY therefore we are his TEMPLE and the CHURCH is installed within us. We don't have to be in a fancy building, fine suits with tons of money to have Church. We can have it outside and STILL receive the SAME blessings! Don't let the modern world discourage you. Believe in what GOD has in YOU his CHURCH." 

So with that being said.... Religion.... it brings forth so many ideas, emotions, thoughts, feelings and in the end most people believe in God or a higher power. My thing is, just be right. Be courteous to those around you, smile, don't commit petty crimes and think with bad thoughts and act on them. Life is short, doesn't matter what or who you believe in, everyone answers to someone. 

Disagree if you may on anything in this article, we are all entitled to our own opinions. If you are offended by what I said or what I believe, sorry you think with such a narrow mind. 

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