Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday aka that 2:30 Feeling All Day

Here we are once's another Monday!! We all might hate this day because it's the blame for the ending of our weekend and the beginning of yet another work filled week. Not sure about you but I hit my snooze button about 20 times, and was almost very later to work :-/.... Why is that?? Mondays are the doom days and prayer for hump day to come soon enough to rescue us from this work week and bring on our weekend!!

How do you get over your Monday feeling? Sip tons of coffee? Stare at the clock? Smile and pretend like you love Mondays and are so excited to go to work!? or do you sit in your chair pout? Well fellow readers I have mastered the fine art of sleeping with your eyes open while being alert. Yes at the same time. I may be present and eyes will be wide, smile will be plastered on my face BUT some days I am checked out for a few minutes to catch up on that extra 5 minutes of sleep that I missed ( don't judge there is nothing wrong with that :D) Think of it this way, Mondays are always the longest days and seem to never want to end, BUT when it does end the rest of the week will come fast!!

Today's blog isn't about anything to important, just a WAKE UP READ for you awesome readers! Tomorrow's blog should and probably will have more to it :)

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