Friday, July 13, 2012

The EX That Refuses to Stay That Way...

Girl: I thought we had something?
Boy: Yeah like months ago 
Girl: So are we officially done?
Boy: It's been almost 4 months
Girl: I still have faith in us

It happens to almost all of us who get into a relationship. We are happy seem to be unbreakable and start to make future plans. THEN out of no where and out of our control, there is always an EX Girlfriend/Boyfriend that hasn't given up hope. It starts off by he/she calling or texting  randomly just to say hi, check in, get an update. What happens when your ex finds out about your new beau? That one call or text turns into many more contact attempts, random bumping into each other which leads to the desperate outbursts of wanting them back!!!!!!

My ladies, ugh..... When we see our ex who treated us like a princess but we were being a spoiled brat and let him go. Say he is in shape, hanging with friends, happy and has a pretty new thing on his side.Wanna know what some women do in this case? Usually with the females in this role, they cry, try to bring up how you made them feel so good and what not, try to pry back into your families lives and start conversations with your friends. Trying every route to get back into your life some way or another. Then when you (the male) don't bite on that petty bull crap, what does she do? She turns around and starts saying how independent she is, she never needed you, you were holding her back, and now she happy with someone else. Really? Just two seconds ago you wanted his "Ego"* and now you're pulling a WEBBIE and miss I N D E P E N D E N T*?  Crazy!!!  

Now for our fellas who are wearing this shoe. You see your ex girl, she is happy, smiling that smile you used to put on her face. She is lighting up the room like never before, body is looking good because she didn't let herself go after you let her go and now she has a new man who is strikingly handsome, smart and everything you weren't. What do guys do in this situation? Well they aren't ALL as dramatic as the female route (but some are trust me..) instead they call and text cracking a joke or just saying what's up. Then those calls and texts start to become longer conversations. Guys have a slicker way of getting back into a females life, they have a certain swagg to it. Their patience really kicks in, soon they are in the friend zone and after awhile here they try to dominate as if they are Mufasa. Taking that role of friendship to a whole other level. When the female catches on she soon shuts him out and shows him the door. What happens after this? That female now becomes all kinds of bad names,  all of a sudden that guy now has plenty of women lined up, and it's nothing. Hmmm, now I'm a whore whose no good but yet you were JUST barking up my tree? Nice...

Some people just don't understand that relationships are meant for two! If it didn't work out with you and someone else in the beginning then hell it's not supposed to. Now it's hard to maintain a decent relationship because not only do people post it on Social Networking sites, it's so much easier to manipulate someone else. Draw them away from their current and have them be willing to do certain things. It's now broadcasted! By it I mean SEX! It's everywhere and so easy to get. It's a shame, the one who is worth the fight and scaring off exes will be the one you won't have to worry about. So stop rushing and be patient, he or she will come at the RIGHT time. For all that other drama, if your significant other wants to stray show them the door. 

* "Ego" meaning of the Ego used in Beyonce and Kanye West song. Webbie a  rapper has a hit single called  INDEPENDENT 

Examples used are from previous experience with my exes and watching how some of my friends have reacted with their exes. 

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