Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't Let Them Ruin Your Party

We all have those days when life is great, your job is running smooth, the fam bam is alright and your significant other is being perfectly amazing. THEN we run into that ONE person whose main purpose for the day is to be mean and an ass because they slept on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

So here you come, skipping into work saying hi, smiling, happy, you have that Friday feeling going on when SHA BAM! You're smacked in the face with that Debbie Downer co worker whose sitting at the table, playing words with friends, drinking coffee, and complaining about the sun being to bright. You try your best to stay positive and keep speaking highly and smiling, but he continues to make your day suck just because he wants to. Now that smiley party you had looks more like this ------------------------->

Being a sad pug is no fun at all! What happened to your party?? Don't let the others take that balloon blowing, helium sucking fun having feeling away!

 Here's what you do:

Tell them to talk to the hand, or you can do what I do, and pretend to listen and care but really I'm in my own world. If you haven't noticed,  it's a known fact that other people don't like to see others happy when they feel like shit. In some peoples mind the world does revolve around them, and when it doesn't they aren't so happy.  Life is to dang short to worry, stress, be sad, mad, angry whatever! Life is to short to be anything but appreciative and happy that you are alive. This is easier to say than to do. I have my times to where someone just pisses me off to the T and I want to do some really mean things! I sit and marinate on what I would like to do and say to this lovely individual, but then I quickly come to realize that their life probably sucks. Why else would someone want to poop on your parade? Happy people with something great going for them at the moment wont waste their time. BUT the ones who aren't in that position at that moment, will be more than happy to pop your balloon. 

So POO on you Party Poopers! I'd rather have a party by myself and be the happiest person ever than have a party and invite one lame that can ruin it. :) Smile 

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