Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Black Is Beautiful

History taught us that being different was not ok and has had some serious repercussions. Not conforming to a mans ways and views of life resulted in many races to be subdued to slavery. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and even Whites are among the few stories that are shared and told.  Today I will discuss the views of Black, how some of our own kind think and treat us.

On an Episode of TI and Tiny their little boy Major(5) asked TI "Daddy can I have a white woman?" TI just laughed it off and said you can have any woman you want. Watching another episode of Tiny and Toya they touched on the subject of girls and skin for awhile. Then watching the music videos I only see the light skinned Black girls, Hispanic girls or big butt White girls in the videos cuddled next to the stars.

Even actor Idris Elba from England said he wants his first kid to be mixed because he doesn't want them to have nappy hair and dark skin. I don't know if he knows this but, he is dark himself so there is a 50/50 chance that his kid maybe dark as well. Seeing how he is not mixed himself having a kid with  "good hair" will come in choice of mate.

Lil Wayne has even said " I only f**s with that light skinned because everything darker is ugly" Hence that his new fiance is a model of whatever decent and his daughter is dark just like him. There is an article that a young woman published about Wayne and his friends saying: "I was called back to be a video girl in his shoot for lollipop. I brought my friend because I didn't want to go to the shoot alone. After the three day shoot I got invited to his room to have a party with the other girls and his friends. I agreed to go only if i can bring my friend along. My friend and I headed to his room where we were greeted by his friend and showed in. As my friend stepped in the room Wayne was quick to say: "HELL NO, She can't come in, the darkness has to stay out the room" all his other friends laughed and the ladies and I looked at him with disgust. My friend snapped back and said "I'm lighter than your daughter and you and you have the nerve to talk about dark and ugly?" Wayne replied "Difference is my daughter has money so that makes her beautiful you do not so good bye." Ever since then I haven't listened or bought a Wayne album.

After reading this article that has been re published and posted on many sites with no comment from Wayne's team. It's a shame that these two men will say these things publicly or even think this way. Believe it or not they are role models and little ones look up to them. So if they hear or see their fav star doing or saying something absurd they may follow suit. I'm going to end my star bust outs with these two men and continue with my views.

** Being in Alaska there are definitely black people here along with other races. So going out of state and allowing people to see my ID always brings the question to "there's black people in Alaska? and they look like you?" Put a smile on my face because yes there are black people in Alaska, but even being from here seems like other people are still shocked to see black people here. A friend of mine told me that she was once approached by someone who said" I usually don't like black black girls, but your hot" Now let me tell you this friend is not easily offend but hearing something like this is down right rude. OK you gave your compliment  but it came with a smack in the face to my people. Other women I know dark and light agree on the fact that darker women have it hardest when it comes to the black race in general. We are perceived by others and even our men as not being beautiful. Darker skinned women to ultimately have to work harder than the rest. This is something I will never understand. 

It's sad, I've been told myself that I'm the prettiest black person some guys have seen and even women have said this too. Some people even assume that I'm mixed with something because there is no way I can be 100% black. So here it is what I'm mixed with,  I'm Cro-Indian (from India), Trinidadian, Black,Cherokee  and English but since I have that Black in me, to anyone else it doesn't matter what my nationality is I will always be black. Am I Ashamed? Hell no, I don't have to waste money to make myself look how I would want, worry about ageing weird and saggy because my skin is firm and tight through my family and so much more. Being a minority and achieving my goals gets a way bigger reaction that not being a minority. Why? Because it's unexpected, and I love it when I become that someone that's  UNEXPECTED :)

Men I didn't forget about you :) 

Over time for men, some women thought dark men weren't as sexy as light skinned men. Why? Well dark skinned men were publicized as being mean, woman beaters, drinkers, smokers,people who leave their kids, or have multiple kids. Just look up some old advertisements pertaining to black men, you will most likely find a picture with a dark skinned man. This view that was so public was brainwashing many woman to thinking that dark equals bad. Until about the 80's when Hip Hop started to come alive then in the 90's when for instance Tyrese came out and made dark sexy, strong, smart and so much more. After that the tables flipped, dark was in and light was out. Now a days for women that rule is almost washed out, now it doesn't matter as long as you have a good head on your shoulders. Now don't get me wrong some women still have their preference on what they choose. 

Black is beautiful, and so is every other race out there. At times I try to be color blind but it's so hard when people have on their rose colored glasses and still live like it's the 1920's.  Will this view ever go away? Will the pain caused by many wars be forgotten? Will Hitler's reign ever be left out the books? Will Martin Luther King Jr's speech be erased and never heard of again? Will JFK's murder be overlooked? or will Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves be brushed off as if it never happened? absolutely not. It's a battle, a thought and a memory that will always live as long as this earth is still rotating and people are still living.

Say what you want, no matter what my nationality is to it's entirety, I'm Black and I think it's  beautiful