Monday, June 25, 2012

Worry Wart or People Pleaser?

Yeah... This is what eventually happens when you try to please everyone! 

Happy Monday!!!!  Here we are again, after hopefully having a great weekend we are all back at work, in class etc. Staring at the calendar I can't help but be glad to see there are only 4 more days until my love (FRIDAY) is back in my life! So what comes of working and school and family/friends to a person who has it set in their mind that they have to please, smile and be happy all the time for people??? Well look at the picture above!

Hello my Worry Warts! My People Pleasers!! How are you doing today? One of my friends is a people pleaser she admits that she has this weakness for people and trying to make them happy and do every task that is given or even brought to her. Yes she could say NO but like many of you out there you don't want to say NO. Some of you (much like my lovely friend) don't like to disappoint people and tend to take on much more than you should.

I can't lie, I USED to do that and it drove me insane!! I used to be that way, tried to be perfect and live up to peoples expectations and standards. Then I came to the conclusion: "Why aren't they living up to their standards of how I perceive them? Why is it just one sided?" Noticing that people call when I'm needed and think that I am available 24/7 to help was the biggest mistake I could have ever done in m life, not just with friends/family but also professionally.

With family and friends, we tend to get taken advantage of because they already deem you as that type they can always count on and will never say no. Then as for a job they called on me all the time because I helped once; and helping in that one situation made them believe I can help in ALL situations like it; despite how busy I am and what I'm  doing. Then when it came time for me to call on my  co-workers  and ask for help in a situation they were no where to be found until Monday morning.  What do I do? That's all I kept thinking, then I treated those people like they do me. My work I kept professional, didn't converse on personal issues and when they called after hours or on weekends, I answered but said "no, I'm preoccupied sorry" and when I was able to help I did go in, but kept it at a minimum. They can use the 10-20 other people in the business to help in those hours, mine are strictly 8-5p Mon-Fri. My family and friends well I just told them off and everything is ok, they apologized and life is good.

Standards, you have to have them, don't just allow other people to hold you up to theirs, make sure to hold others up to yours also. If  you have a  fear of letting someone down, get over that. You are a human being not a robot or some character in a Hollywood movie. It's ok to say no when you have to much on your plate and it's ok to say yes if you honestly feel like you can do that task to the best of your ability. Be conscious on what you do, have timing, and know your schedule and have a back bone. Regardless of what you do, people are always going to have their thoughts good an bad despite your work ethic.

So my loves stop over doing it, stress is an ugly thing and we have to try our best to not allow ourselves to be placed in those situations. I know it's tough, I've been recently in stressful situations but I look at the bright side of things and ultimately feel sorry for some people who try to stress me out and/or make me worry about situations that I could careless about. I'm very busy so to allow a single person to have that type of effect on me, isn't worth my health and time..


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