Friday, June 15, 2012

When is enough, enough?

Face it, we ALL put up with crap, from work, family, friends significant others and even ourselves. So why do we beat up  ourselves when we know this fact? Even those who say "they don't care" or "it doesn't matter" really honestly care. If you didn't then why keep saying you don't care or try so hard to show others your so laid back?  If we didn't care as humans than we wouldn't try to clean up ourselves, get jobs, have friends or even speak to family.

What happens when you're that person whose getting picked on and pressured to think a certain way? Not talking about school like bulling but more on a adult level. For example:

Your boss accuses you of not doing your job (when you do a great job at it) they assume that you sit there all day and take it upon themselves to start doing your work. How do you react by having something taken from under you? When upper management starts looking and realizing that : hmmm well the manager is doing their work, do they really need to work here? Then What?

Not a good example? How about this one:

You're brother or sister wants to borrow money but you don't have enough and say you can't. Then they turn around and use the guilt trip or try to bring up the past to where you would give it up. What do you say?

Then you have the significant other whose main pressure is T I M E. Yes that four letter word that makes some men cringe and what most females hang onto to. You have plans with friends but they want to see you bad, you say you can't then they want to guilt trip you. So now your in the middle, love or friends? OR They constantly want your time (which isn't a bad thing) and when you follow through on your NO and shit hits the fan, how do you deal with the temper tantrums?

Or how about my favorite example:

You're home boy/girl calls you up, talks a great talk to you for about 5 minutes and then out of no where asks for money, a ride or even going as far as asking you to "hold"*  something for them. You're thoughts start to stir up and you sit back and wonder why would they ask this? You know not to give friends these things because when they reply "I will pay you back" or "I owe you one" some people hold onto that when knowingly they won't ever see it again. Then what do you say? That's your homie right?

Pressure, it never stops just because you're out of high school, it only gets worse when you get older. Now you have to use your noggin, think and try to understand before you speak. What happens when these situations keep coming up over and over again?

When is enough, enough?

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