Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teamwork OR Every Man For Himself ?

I find this to be fun and useful. Many places and people say lets come together and all will be ok!! So for fresh minds walking into a situation, this might sound great! Yes I am around positive people. Yes this place really does value other people and their opinions without judgement.  I finally found a secure place to sink my feet in. Whether it be about work, school, friends, or new people teamwork is essential for all. 

What happens when you join a team and all of a sudden that team work starts to look a little more like this Picture---------------->
Soon pieces of the puzzle are broken off. This could be from days to months to even years before people start to fall off.

 Why is that?

Sometimes when you get a group of people together with a bunch of opinions and attitudes things start to clash. That teamwork that was so highly talked about and praised soon turns into something like this---->

Ah the blame game! Aka when you or someone else doesn't agree on one thing, so you just randomly pick and when all goes wrong! One of you blames the other because it was their idea in the first place.  Then that team goes up in smoke and you start to do it all by your lonesome. 

How do you get back to that teamwork stage? 

Well just sit back, sometimes shut up, don't jump to conclusions, admit when you're wrong, and most importantly help one another. When you blame others, come off wrong, or assume you know something when in the end you don't YOU WILL break that team apart. It only takes ONE person to ruin everything. Whether your a manager, a friend, or a school teacher etc, when you scold someone else without knowing the facts; you really do seem well dumb. KNOW what you're talking about, HELP when needed keep your temper calm and don't make slick idle threats. When you tell a someone this is their last shot, or you have one more time, or even we will be watching you closer, why did you do this instead of that blah blah blah ;  that will not only drive them away from you, it will also make them not care about the situation at hand.  No one wants to hear the bad all the time with no mixture of good. It's all about presentation. 

Words are a key to success, communication is a definite when working with anyone in any circumstance. When you communicate you understand, then you're able to see that you aren't all the same, yes you have different opinions, your minds do in fact think differently and you all may see something different as well. When you SPEAK on that, you allow that relationship to grow. Keep an open mind and stop judging. It's so easy for people to say but A LOT harder to do.  

Help build that bridge again and you'll be smiling in the end. 

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