Friday, June 29, 2012

She's So Catty!!!!!

Women, we can be caring, loving, forgiving, thoughtful and honest. Some on the other hand can be mean spiteful, deceiving and flat out bitchy.  There is always that type of female that fits in perfectly with the boys and not so well with the girls. Why? Well this type of female is usually fake and manipulative. Most honest women see through this type of chick and read her like a book. The other picks up on it and heads for the opposite sex. What better way to get in with people than to be "innocent" pretend like you mean well and smile? That is the perfect way to fit in with the fellas sometimes it can be the perfect way to fit in with other people as well. 

Take these three true stories for example, all  happened to be good friends of mine and all have gave me permission to write about it.Thanks guys :) : 

Maid of Honor vs the Bridesmaid 
A good friend of mine (Harmony) was maid of honor at her best friends wedding. We all know that this role is important and holds many challenges. Harmony is so sweet she does all that is asked and more to make sure her bff's wedding is going to be amazing! Then there is this other chick (Stacy) whose a bridesmaid but THINKS shes the maid of honor. Stacy slowly tries to creep in and take over tasks Harmony is supposed to do completely undermining her and taking credit when credit is NOT due. Soon things start to build, Harmony is being nice about the situation and respecting the fact that its her friends day. NOW its time for the wedding. Long story short the back room turned into a WWE match. Harmony and the bride ended up arguing at the wedding and Stacy was right there pointing and instigating the situations. Harmony finally opened her mouth and blurted out what's been happening. The Bride faces Stacy and asks her if this is true, (by the way I was on the couch helping the flower girl  wishing I had pop corn) Stacy confessed and said: "Well I wanna be important on your day too! Why is it about you?" Ugh sooo Stacy was eventually kicked out the wedding and out the brides life. Come to find out she was just being nice because the bridesmaid was a childhood friend and she didn't want to let her mother down. 

Experienced Worker vs Newbie
Now, here is another topic.... Say you've been in your job field for over  10 years and you know it like the back of your hand, that market, that specific job title and the people you're around. Then comes in someone who did that someplace else and believes they know best. My friend Shannon was in this position, and hearing what went down by her and her co workers about this newbie is amazing!! Check this out. The newbie comes in, tries to take Shannon's clients and spreads bad things about her through out the company. When confronted by Shannon the newbie denied every accusation. So Shannon being the bigger person let it go and kept an eye on the newbie. Soon enough the newbie was back at it again, talking to her clients, speaking with management and coming off like she is so innocent and is only trying to help. Well management see this and takes her side, talks to Shannon and tries to put her in place (without confronting and asking what's going on they assumed) Well Shannon then quit that job and soon after she was receiving calls to come back. Why? Well management found out the newbie wasn't so innocent and had backwards intentions. Oh well, their loss. 

Longtime Girlfriend vs Everyone Else 
So now we reach the tale of Anthony, a friend I've known since I was about 6 years old. He meets this girl while he was away in college and brings her back to Alaska with him. She meets the family, they like her thinks shes sweet and good for him. She meets us, his friends and we weren't so sure. We see something completely different. Instead of that innocent girl, me and a few others see someone manipulative, catty and just flat out bitchy. We don't say anything at first because this is based off feelings and assumptions. Soon a couple weeks go by and the girlfriend starts her demands, pointing and yelling. She then takes Anthony away from us guarding her man and not allowing him any type of freedom. She begins to tell him, how we don't care and talk bad about her and him behind their back. He soon begins to believe her and distance himself from us. We would call Anthony and she would answer, we would leave her messages to pass on say for events, club nights, game nights, dinners, birthdays etc and for some reason Anthony would never show. He dated her for about 5 years until he realized what she was doing and caught her in the middle of a lie that unleashed many more. Soon he broke it off and came back to his real friends. 

Despite everything no matter what situation you may be in, there is always that person who will try you and press the innocent button. In these situations the best thing to do is keep your cool and let them self destruct, much like the women mentioned in this blog. Keep your distance but at the same time be that persons best friend. It's a simple case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 

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