Monday, June 11, 2012

Reality TV... Where is the Reality?

Ah, soo from grease balls, glorifying teen pregnancy, giving lame celebrities a LAST CHANCE OF FAME while being on a rehab show to the dating shows, reality TV is nothing but scripted.

I don't watch reality TV shows a lot, I will admit I got sucked into Jersey Shore but only for the first season, Some times I watch Basketball Wives for the mere amusement of watching females argue about pointless crap and guess what NONE OF THEM ARE EVEN MARRIED TO BBALL PLAYERS!!! Because the real women who are married to the players are to busy keeping their private life separate. They should change the name to Basketball Exes; and Now Bristol Palin has a reality show. 

I won't watch this one at all, I didn't even bother to tune into the show the Palin family had in the first place. Now you may ask why? Your from Alaska Ebony why wont you watch them?!!??! Ummm because my life is not lame and never consisted of the Palin's in the first place to care about what they do outside of the government. I hardly cared when she was Governor in the first place, so to allow her to take up space in my DVR and consume my brain with accents and guns while making a fool of yourself by not even knowing the amendments..... no thank you... 

There are a lot of interesting people that I wouldn't mind watching on TV. My sister used to be hooked on Real World and Road Rules, now I believe she likes Big Brother ( I don't get that show). Me I would watch something that had to do more with music and real artists not wanna be's or people trying to come back. Show me something from the producers and song writers point of view, after all what is an artist without those people anyway. Perfect example of a good reality show TRUE LIFE on MTV. Keep reality TV just that a reality not fictional and more people might be prone to watch it; and for goodness sake bring back the real MTV or at least change the call letters to RTV (Reality TV) or BSTV ( I think you know what I mean by that).