Thursday, June 28, 2012

UGH! Damn You Disney!!!

From the time we were born and watched our little Disney movies, most girls want that princess wedding and have our prince rescue us. Becoming that Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Bell from Beauty and The Beast is what most girls wanted to grow up as. And forget about it if our parents bought us the matching little costume dresses! After that we were guaranteed certified princesses! But then we grow up, and our choice of princes' are rare and filled with boys who wanna touch boobs and be sticky and gross. Then those boys grow  into the teenage phase were they find out their thing a lang raises and then become promiscuous. Then we have to wait a LONG LONG time for our prince to actually mature into the man we have always dreamed about. What happens when we reach this point? Well all our years of waiting have turned us towards a disbelief lifestyle. AKA all guys are douche bags stage.

Confused a little guys? Well let me explain. After all those years of being filled with false hopes of singing animals, handsome princes, and evil step sisters. We have counted on those movies to be true until we are grown up enough to realize its a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  

Ladies go through the phase of always wanting a mate and we have that mindset that we can be with one forever, but guys don't feel that way when they are young. Young means exactly that young and fun! So we will do what we do, party, chill with our boys and hit on girls. Whats wrong with that? To a girl it's all wrong, princes don't do that. and THAT'S WHERE WE ARE MESSED UP! THANK YOU PRINCESS MOVIES! 

Eventually we find our prince and become that princess but when we reach this stage there comes many battles. Both sexes are grown enough to know and understand what it takes to be with someone, but the real trick is holding on and learning that someone. You go through your honey moon stage were it's all lovey dovey, kisses, cute text messages and long night phone calls. All seems so peachy for the first couple months, then you hit around the 4th or 5th month and that's when shit gets real! You have to now begin to think if this person is worth spending more months, even years and possibly forever with. Some ladies can know this within the first couple months and some guys need more time to find that out and take it day by day. Why? Well that's how they think and to be honest I wouldn't mind being able to think this way. 

Then you hit the awkward kinda jealous over looking stage. Were we begin pay attention to the little things and make note. We notice who your female/male friends are and how much they try to talk to you (note guys: even if you tell us about a female friend we may forget a name, but we never forget a face, body language or conversation; and 9 times out of 10 that will be brought up in a conversation). This little stage can make or break people, some might think the other is being overbearing and jealous; when in reality the other person just wants to know who that female or male is, and what purpose they have in your life. Some go as far as telling the other person : "Umm they need to chill out, or they need to step back" If this is said or felt, ladies and gents don't get iffy, just think about it. Would you want another person coming all up in your business and having the possibility to ruin your relationship? This stage can last a matter of months to even years! Before all of this is sorted out. Not only do you have to figure out who other people are to you, you also weed through your friends and see which are poisonous to you and your relationship, you have to fight off and set others straight(as in whose crushing on you) and then you have to see if your mate fits into your family.  So don't get it wrong, this stage is a long process, and this process allows the two people to see if it's really worth it AKA the GROWTH PHASE.

IF you make it through that stage then you truly begin to learn and understand that person. All that time spent and talking builds allowing that bond to get stronger. That level of understanding is at an high that can only go up. At this point you set the exes straight, you kept your friends opinions out and you keep your relationship between the two of you. What now? Weill you grow and you wait to see where life's headed. You understand now not to assume and know it's open to speak with your partner about whats ahead, your fears, your faults and what bothers you. After all that you may even fall in love. Marriage? Well not necessarily, relationships are a life long process and commitment. Sometimes people grow apart despite being together for years.They may have become the best of friends but have fallen out of love. Is this bad? No at least you knew what it felt like and you are aware of what to do in the next relationship.  But since we are keeping things on the optimistic side, lets just say you fight long and hard, and you get married and it's finally your ever after. :) 

I'm definitely not a love guru or anything, just an observation. I've been around and still am around happy couples, who have been together for years and I mean decades. Some are married and some are not, does one relationship mean they love each other more? NO it  just means that works for them. Not everyone is going to be married or think its a way to go. Love is a beautiful thing, and WHEN you find it appreciate it. This blog was inspired by the ones around me, speaking knowledge and filling my head with truth as well as personal experience from my past and current relationship. 

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