Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Long Commitments!

I'm all smiles today!!! no sarcastic rants and raves with a hint of humor. I seriously woke up very happy! As I log into my Facebook, I see another one of my friends crying in a picture with a beautiful ring on her finger. That brings my total of friends getting engaged in the past month to 5! and the number of my lovelies have babies to 3!!

Life brings along so many what if's, drama, and troubles; it's beautiful to see people (especially when I know them) make that commitment! Jump the broom, tie the ol knot a roo!!! Speaking of weddings I have one to go to this Saturday!!!

All I can say is, Congrats to my friends for their new adventures and may God be with you all in every single step of the way!!!

Kinda a twist for today huh? I know I know, don't worry I'll be back into my sarcastic ways tomorrow :) 

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