Friday, June 8, 2012

I Love You Too?

We all have (or at some time will) be in a relationship to where I love you is said. Whether it be in the stages of puppy love or full blow out grown up love. So when is the right time to say those three little words that make most of society cringe? I asked some people when is the right time to say I love you and here are the top three answers: Some people say when you been with someone for a while and get to know them, others say it's just when you have a feeling in your tummy (but I call those butterflies) and someone else said, I don't know man I guess you just know.

All three responses are not wrong because obviously that's how some people think. What do I think? Well I have NO IDEA when the "right" time is to say those little words. All I can say is, do it when you want too and not because someone else said it. WHICH brings me to the topic at hand.

DO you say I Love You because someone else said it? To my surprise a lot of people have or are saying it in these terms. I'm not going to lie, I am also guilty at that, saying I love you when someone else has said it because I feel obligated too! Not because I want too!! I'm a firm believer in the sole fact of not having to say I love you all the damn time to prove you love someone.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not a prude or anything I love Love! And I love the feeling of it and being held and all that gooshy crap. But I also like my space, at times not to be touched and kissed and yes I love not having to say I love you just because someone else says it.

But Ebony!! What if he or she gets mad because I didn't say it back?? Well then my darlings it's their fault tough shit. Some people think that it should be automatic and that when they say it the OTHER has too! But I"m here to say no you don't, not necessarily. I dated this one guy for a short time, dude said those words to me and I jumped ship, why? Because he didn't know a damn thing about me. I've come to the conclusion that those three words can make someones world or ruin it! lol not to be mean just something I've noticed and seen it rip apart people relationships.

Sometimes I love you is premature and makes others try to live up to it, other times its LONG over due and by the time you say it the other person gets mad and irritable that it took you so long, then you have those right moments when it's said and doves fly in the air and an orchestra is playing. We all want that orchestra, not the anger or the OMG what do I do response.

So when is the right time to say I love you? You be the judge I gave my two cents.

The "someone" I speak on for today's topic is not my current boyfriend just an FYI :)