Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hip Hop Didn't Die! It's Taking a Nap

Friends of mine, many of you claim that "hip hop is dead". Nas, Biggie, Tupac, Run DMC, Naughty by Nature etc those are real lyrical kings. So what is going on now a days? Well we still have music and musicians, sure the rap game is being taken over by the Nicki Manajis', Drakes' and Lil Waynes', so where did everyone else go??? Those names are the "faces: of hip hop"! :-/ UGH!

Let me correct you for a second dear friend of mine. They aren't the faces of hip hop, they are simply the mere faces that are willing to be industry and there fore are shown on a broad spectrum. Hip Hop didn't die, it's just hiding and ashamed to come out because it's been industrialized. Do you know what that means? It means it's been taken out of its natural habitat, the gritty tough love words that flow with lyrical eloquence, and the story telling subdues people so much that every race nods their head and chants their name.  Has been tucked away and replaced by auto-tune, barbie style rapping with a mix of techno electronic beats. They want Pop style crap! Why? because it sells now more than the tough shit that it used to be. 

Some people are tired of hearing other peoples pain and drowning their sorrow in the rhythmical beats of hard hitting 808's. They don't want the hood to be shown through music anymore, because it glorifies that life and gives them an outlet to society! Let's be real! "SOME" people didn't like that in the first place soooo they decided to flip the script, give real hip hop and rap a decade plus some aka 80's to mid 90's; now its time for happy and fictional crap! So why not rap about Starships? Lollipops? or letting people know you know how to spell in almost everyone of your songs? 

There are plenty of artists out there and upcoming that are real to music not just hip hop. Most of the people I take time to listen to are underground, on YouTube, on reverberation.com or even in my state. Hip Hop didn't die, it's just preparing itself for when it's done taking a nap the music "hip hop" nation will be restored. I do miss turning on my radio and hearing some real music and listening to my favorites; but I'll continue to blast my iPod with some of my favs like  Eve, Rah Digga, Nas,Yelawolf, Common and a few more. Some of my not so famous artist's include K'La, Mally and the Sundance Kid and Kid Ink just to name a few. And Thanks to my boyfriend I can add my new found favs Yukmouth and Mac Dre to my playlist.

Even for the people who post all their music on my Facebook wall, i listen to EVERYTHING that's posted! I'm a Radio DJ I am IN LOVE WITH MUSIC, so don't worry I listen to it, some of ya'll aren't good and some of ya'll are awesome, either way it gets my attention, different styles and all. 

It's there! The real hip hop lovers know this and aren't worried about it "dying" it may not be publicly out there but seriously, real hip hop never dies. Just do some research and stop complaining, drown your thoughts in the rhythmic sounds of music and wait patiently.