Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't Blame Guys For Assuming You'll Give It Up, It's All About Presentation

Sometimes I want to poke my eyes out with a very sharp stick!!! Some of the things my fellow females do to get attention is amazingly idiotic! Yes honey, those things are getting you attention but in the wrong way. I have this girlfriend who always complains about never meeting a guy and they only want to bing bang and never do anything else and blah blah blah. FINALLY after awhile of hearing this nonsense I decided to tell her what I think the reason is. She was kinda uneasy and hurt by what I said but who cares, if your my friend you can take a few blows of honesty just as well as you can dish them out.

The conversation went a little like this:

Her: "Man guys suck ****! They want my number and when they get it they insist on wanting to ****! are you serious! Do I seem like that type of girl?? Like honesty Eb!"

Me: "Yes"

Her: "Umm,explain"

Me: " First of all my love you give up the digits to fast! Not every guy (or any guy) you meet in a club wants something worth keeping! The point of a club is to have a good NIGHT KEY LETTER (A)...NOT a good night and weekends or months after! Then it's how you dress, you wear really tight, short dress, cleavage hanging out till kingdom come and tons of make up on your face, and have a mouth of a sailor. That screams! Love me for the night! Not love me for a lifetime. No one wants a female who shows all her goodies at first glance to be wifey. He may call you that in the bedroom but in public he's calling you something else."

After that, her face dropped and she stared at my non emotional face for about five minutes before breaking the awkward silence. Then she says:

Her: "Well I guess, but when we go out you don't get guys coming up to you why is that?"

Me:" Well young grasshopper, I get guys that come up to me but it's in a different way. They come up to tell me I look good and go about their business, I don't get grabbed on and talked to crazy by dudes because I don't present myself that way. I don't wear make up, (mainly because I don't know how to do it) and I don't dress scandalous because I think it's nasty. A lot of girls and no offense your one of them get classy and sexy confused with gross. I've told you this before and at times I won't go out with you because you dress like that, am I right?"

Her: "Yes"

Me: "Ok then, I'm not being mean, I just don't like to surround myself with those type of females, and you are one of my best ones so I hate to see you do that to yourself; but at the same time, you're grown and I can't stop you. Regardless I love you and I'm here for you, but pick your head up and be patient. Stop rushing into things are trying to make something out of nothing."

Her: "Thanks girl,well I'm gonna go to bed."

Me: "Alright, night"

End of conversation! and NO this is not made up and YES this is a real person I know and she agreed to let me talk about this today. It's an observation I've seen with people I know and the ones I don't. The slim ball guys that grab and approach females all disrespectful like, cursing referring to them as "HEY GIRL, YO MA!, AYE SHAWTY!" Instead of "Excuse Me, Can I talk you you for a sec?, Let me buy you a drink"  is what attracts the prettiest ones! Because a majority of those pretty girls are so self conscious and desperate for attention they look in the wrong places.

This is a topic that's not going to change or go away because frankly you will always have a female like Kat Stacks whose willing to do what she does and be proud of it. Just stop being surprised when you run into dumb asses in the club who just want to hit ladies; what else are they going to want to do at 2 am? Sit have coffee and watch movies? Get out of here. Don't blame guys for thinking this way, when they can and some even DO get it from a female doesn't have to be you necessarily.

My friend read this before  I posted it :)